Ms.HobbinsScience miles away from the blast site and

Ms.HobbinsScience D Block9 April 2016Tianjin Chemical Explosion August fourteenth 2016 in the city of Tianjin in Northern China a fire broke lose in a container storage center. Not much is known about how the fire started and not much can be done to investigate because all of the evidence was destroyed in the fire.

As first responders arrived at the scene firefighters started to attempt to put out the fire with their hose not know to them is that in inside the container was calcium carbide and when exposed to water becomes highly flammable and when the firefighters began to douse the fire a huge fireball shot into the sky and then an explosion came so after and shook the city, and the shock wave shattered the windows of houses and apartments only a few miles away, the explosion in all killed over one hundred people and injured many more. Later test where done only a few miles away from the blast site and across the street from multiple large housing units the test show high levels of sodium cyanide and to be exact it was 352 times the liveable amount. And because the smoke cloud of the blast cover miles and miles of housing thousands of people have been left homeless. Many people are not able to enter their homes or for that matter go anywhere near them have no possessions and no safe place to live. Many people have been able to stay in shelters but have no access to any of their possessions and are continuing to have to move because of the constant movement of the toxic chemical.

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