Throughout highlighted in the review we see how

Throughout the literature review the reader is given the opportunity to familiarize with the issues of dealing with the recruitment and selection process and everything under it. We can see that not all candidates are fit for the job positions even if most of them can be semi skilled or skilled workers. Moreover the education systems are game changers on helping reduce the high rate of unskilled candidates out in the candidate pool market, hence producing semi skilled personnel who most qualify for certain jobs as they have got some skills. As highlighted in the review we see how they are no set laws given out by the government that would act as barriers to the hotels. The researcher takes you through hotels advertisements and announcements of vacant jobs for a particular pool of candidates targeted through various channels.
The next chapter looks at the methodology used to help gather data for this research project.


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In this chapter we discuss methodology and we see it is “to collect information and data for the purpose of making business decisions. May include publication research, interviews, surveys and other research techniques and could include both present and historical information” (business dictionary,2018). With the methodology research it is basically explaining the why and how of the research being done which describe the methods of investigation that is based within the literature review and help achieve the aims and objectives.
With Methodology we follow the onion research design which guides the researcher through all research processes (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill, 2012).The layers of the onion begin with the philosophical point which is basically how the researcher understands the knowledge which helps shape the second layer which is the approach where its based on what is the research type and how the results will turnout. Next we have the research strategy and choice of methodology research which gives out a more step by step action plan of the research. Moreover time horizons which is the fifth layer of the onion and the data collection finishes off the every step that illustrates the way sampling methods will be explained. At last the chapter summary will highlight all the key points of the methodology research done.

Why the need of methodology?


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