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Throughout the book, Marjane develops a rebellious side towards her education and teachers at her school. This is promoted by her family who has a primary goal of giving her a liberal, secular education. Her parents have convinced her that religious traditions and beliefs have no connection to the authority of social order. Marjane throughout the book understands there teachings and starts to change her way at life with education. She gains a rebellious side towards questioning the authority of what her teachers tell her. A practical example from the book is when Marjane is getting an explanation from her father one night that the Shah was not chosen by God himself and that he planned on overthrowing the government with enforcing the idea of religion into peoples mind, as a method of control. When attending school the next day, the teacher says, “tear out all the photos of the Shah from your book” ( ). Marjane is able to conclude from this experience that her classmates and educators have their own set of belief and morals that they themselves do not even comply with. The teacher originally explained that the Shah was chosen by God himself, but does not recognize to her fellow students that she said that. The teacher exclaims that the only option is to forget what she said and move on. With society becoming corrupt, no standard rules or beliefs have been put in place. It can be predicted that the mass destruction of society will occur because no more enforcement of life being run on religion. Marjane promotes the idea of learning herself towards the readers in her book. This idea can scare people in reality, with them believing that the truth itself can be harsh. In the article titled, “Sex, Violence, and Radical Islam:Why ‘Persepolis’ Belongs in Public Schools” states that, “the truth is, outside of arithmetic, it’s hard to teach anything worth learning that someone won’t find offensive or upsetting or fighting or off-putting” (Berlatsky).

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