Throughout the Pakistani Army while on the

Throughout history, many genocides took place and among them was one of the horrific genocide, The 1971 Bangladesh genocide.

In March 25, 1971 began a genocide in East Pakistan, now known as Bangladesh. The perpetrators of this genocide was the Pakistani Army while on the other hand the victims were the East Pakistan civilians. After 1947, India got independence from the British and the land was distributed. West Pakistan was on the left of India, while East Pakistan was in the right. Even though India’s huge subcontinent separated West and East Pakistan, it was still the same government.

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Later on the people of West Pakistan started thinking of the people of the East Pakistan as the lower class based on their culture, language and skin tone. The East Pakistanis spoke a different language and had a darker skin tone, therefore causing the West Pakistanis to dislike them more and more. West Pakistan wanted to make the national language Urdu and wanted everyone to speak it in West ; East, but it didn’t work out.

Now the people of East Pakistan was trying to form their own country, nationalism was occurring. But West Pakistan didn’t want that happen, therefore the liberation war occurred in East Pakistan causing the genocide. But this genocide left effects/ scars throughout people’s lives.

When the Pakistani army were going through East Pakistan, about 10 million people were fleeing to neighboring countries such as India. During the genocide about 3 million people were killed and 300 to 500 thousands of women were brutally raped. The aftermath of the Bangladesh Liberation which included the genocide left people in displacement, poverty, caused famine, and political turmoil.

The world didn’t step in and try to stop the genocide from happening but after the genocide ended, UN donated 1.3 billion dollars to Bangladesh afterwards. And in May, UN sent officials for humanitarian cause, but they still didn’t have the right to stop the Pakistan government from committing these crimes. But the UN failed to do its job because of nation sovereignty, it allows a country to make their own decisions and govern their own people without the interference of other countries.

Although no one specifically spoke out during the genocide, when when refugees were fleeing to India, they decided to help out by training Mukti Bahini units to fight back the Pakistani army. Later on in December 16, 1971 the genocide ended with millions dead, displaced, and tortured. Some scholars still today believe that the 1971 Bangladesh Genocide never happened and it was just a simple Civil War, even though it was more than that.

Amongst many genocides, this is one of the most gruesome. And still today there are many Genocides occurring and UN can’t intervene because of national sovereignty. But it’s obvious that problems can’t be solved with violence or else it leads to massive destructions.


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