“Through Somatic Movement Education you will experience relief

“Through Somatic Movement Education you will
experience relief of stress and anxiety as you improve breathing, sleep” (Viccars,
2016) The benefits of somatic movements with sleep are a promising correlation
to indicate that the movements and increase of endorphins do in fact help
promote sleep stages across all parts of the cycleSomatic
movement is also another way of relaxing and releasing tension to aid sleep,
the slow enhanced movements will reiterate to the nervous system to relax the
more constricting muscle structure in turn the benefits include increased pain
relief in repeatedly strained areas and release endorphins to promote stress

Intrigued by
the studies and research I have completed I attempted to do complete a two week
trail of the breathing training, I decided to repeat the technique three times
per day and each experience I had to train for ten minutes I noted all my findings
into a journal to see the benefits across the time period I had the times each
day for which I would have a description of feelings during and after and any
findings which I felt displayed a drowsy or sleepy state inducing feeling, within
a few days of my experiment I started to notice the benefits not only to my
sleep pattern but also a relaxation within myself, during each exercise I feel
a sense of being connected with my core self and yet having a sense of
disconnection that enables me to compose myself. However, over the course of
the experiment I found that it did promote the aid of falling to sleep however
keeping myself in a sleep state or deep sleep was still not improved but if I carried
this experiment on further and for a longer period of time the findings would
be more conclusive and may be different.

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Clients of this technique have found great relief and
benefits which are highly noted, one client described the procedure as “Breathwork
for me, has helped me to release some of the layers of sadness, remorse, regret
etc.” (Barone, No Date). This short revelation shows a small insight to the
major benefits that the technique provides, to be able to strip it all back to
raw central emotions such as “Sadness” and “Regret” . Shows how effective this
whole process can be to grow a sense of self-healing capabilities that could be
applied to the health problems such as Insomnia or Anxiety. This technique is accessible
to all with the capabilities of exercise due to it being breathing control has
no parameters for where It can be done enabling to aid at any required point in
time and by anyone.

Somatic Breath Therapy “is a highly
sophisticated form of conscious breathing that teaches you how to breathe
fully, getting more oxygen to your brain” (Youst, No Date) Youst also describes
somatic breath therapy to help “relax and sleep better” and “reduce stress,
anxiety, pain and panic”. Youst’s outline of the technique is to first get into
a suitable position which ensures breath is more purposeful and focused with a
comfortable manner to promote relaxation and a calming nature ensuring that
breaths are in short succession from each other but not frantic in nature this
then can “release physical tension and surface levels of stress” (Youst, No
Date). This technique trains you to use breathing “diaphramatically” (Youst, No
Date). This can train your breathing pattern to ease your respiratory pattern
in turn this type of breathing can “release deeper emotional and mental
patterns” (Youst. No Date). Slowly whilst this pattern is followed and becomes
more natural and has a safe environment surrounding each breath “this
somatically-guided way” (Youst, No Date). Aids your mind and self-learn to
selfheal which repels “unhealthy attitudes and outlooks on life” (Youst, No

Breathing techniques have been proved to help reduce stress
and anxiety and are advertised on many medical websites including the NHS
website.  “This calming breathing
technique for stress, anxiety and panic takes just a few minutes and can be
done anywhere.” (NHS, 2015) So if all these factors can prevent a person from
sleeping in turn you could use breathing techniques to combat and reduce them
which in turn can help alleviate some causes and aid sleep instead of allowing
them to impede it.

There are many variables that could prevent a person from
falling asleep or staying asleep all night. 
Stress, depression and anxiety are some of more common variable’s that
can lead to insomnia. This can then turn into a vicious cycle as having sleep
shortened or taken away can make stress, depression and anxiety considerably

Mineral deficiencies can impact health in a major way especially core minerals
such as Calcium and Magnesium, the lack of Magnesium can seriously impact sleep
patterns and Insomnia as typically “magnesium also helps trigger a sequence of events that begin a “wind down” of sorts in
preparation for the coming hours of rejuvenating sleep” (Ashley, 2013) without
this process magnesium induces a lack of vital chemicals that aid sleep and
self-healing, typically patients with sleep deficiencies or Insomnia will seek
aid from Magnesium or Calcium tablets to help aid sleep. The effectiveness of
Magnesium indicate that whilst effective for most of the patients this method
does have some area of non-effect for patients.  

Prescribed medication can also be given to aid sleep
currently in circulation are three main prescribed tablets, Eszopiclone,
Zaleplon, Zolpidem. Out of all three prescribed medications Eszopiclone is the
only one of them “approved for longer term use” (Consumer Reports, 2017). This
is due to the side affects being less server in a brief period, however the
result is the same in all cases which is a chance of increased anxiety and
paranoia which in turn can then fuel the insomnia to start progressing to a
further state in turn causing worse insomnia.

There are many different aids and supports available to help
a sufferer of lack of sleep or insomnia. From research a large amount of these
aids is something you can add to the body for example tablets or medicines. Currently
available on general sale to the public there are multiple aids examples of
some are Benylin and Nytol, most sleeping aids that can be gained without a
prescription contain the chemical compound Diphenhydramine which is in an
ingredient originally in antihistamines however it has a dual property which
affects the human state to induce drowsiness however as each aid has a
different volume of Diphenhydramine it is hard to truly test side affects or
time periods from use of product to the start of a drowsy sleep state. (Mind,

 When you sleep this
is an opportunity for your body to repair and prepare itself ready for the new
day ahead. While you are asleep the chemical balance in your brain is restored
and gives a chance for the brain to retain memories. However, the impact lack
of sleep has on the body can be extremely damaging to the physically body and
the mental state of a person for example it can cause mood changes, weight
issues, trouble concentrating and fatigue. In more serious cases the effects
could be life changing for example, depression, anxiety, paranoia, high blood
pressure, low immune system, risk of heart disease and so many more.  Insomnia is classed differently to lack of
sleep as it is classed as a sleep disorder as is causes the person to be unable
to sleep or fall asleep in this case Somatics could be a viable aid to attempt
a sleep state through the calming nature which helps slow yourself down which
in turn will help you disconnect with the surroundings and attempt to help
promote a sleep state.

This essay will be investigating and exploring somatic
practice and its links and correlations with sleep.  Sleep is an essential necessity to the human
body to allow us to function and stay healthy. Lack of sleep can cause large
problems to the health and mental state of a subject. There are many different
solutions that claim they can fix sleep problems but how can we get ourselves
to fall asleep naturally without aid or adding anything to the body? Somatics
and relaxation techniques could be a natural way to promote our bodily system
to induce a state of sleep by reducing psychic anxiety that is related to the
causes of insomnia, by expanding our lungs filling our body with oxygen by deep
breathing, releasing the muscles to relax with gentle movement and many other
methods and aids which this essay will explore.


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