Through my experience at the CEO’s
office at Flipkart, I have come to appreciate business analytics as the backbone
of any business. I want to be in a Corporate Strategy Role wherein I can drive
the strategies of a company by taking evidence based decisions. This will allow
me to assume responsibility early, build wholesome business understanding and
solve complex problems in an intellectually stimulating environment. In the
long run, this will prepare me to find a position within the same sphere as
decision makers who determine the tide of businesses across the globe by becoming a CEO of a reputed firm.


In order to achieve this, I must now
add to my foundational knowledge and singular experience – the understanding of
all facets of decision making and also develop a holistic perspective of

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The MBA program will provide me an
opportunity to learn aspects of finance, marketing and operations through
formal courses, provide valuable insights in industry practices, as well as allow
retrospective learning from my past work-experience.


An MBA from ISB would help me
consolidate these skills with its three key advantages.

Firstly, excellent curriculum and
pedagogy would provide formal training and programs like Experiential Learning
Programme (ELP) and Planning an Entrepreneurial Venture (PAEV) will allow ability
to take leadership for hands-on problem solving of real-world business issues.
Secondly, its diverse peer group and widespread alumni base would help me build
a strong network and help me learn from their experiences. Thirdly, the unique
mix of “India Advantage” and International Exposure through visiting faculty
and exchange program will broaden my horizon and provide a global perspective.


Thus, ISB would give me the three indispensable tools of
development – Learning, Leadership and Resources and would ideally place me to
tread my desired career path successfully and with renewed vigor.



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