Through living in China. China has been a

Through my studies, among many other issue, I would like to get knowledge on policy strategies and mitigation planning, a thorough understanding of emergency comprehensive management from a planning and policy perspective, understand various natural, socio-political and economic reasons leading to disaster vulnerabilities, understand the techniques of enhancing emergency assessment and ability in creating a proper emergency response planning and enhance the ability for critical analysis of various disasters and emergency situations. ExpectationsWhen I return to my country I plan to apply the knowledge attained during my study in China.

it is my desire to contribute my education and skills in ensuring peoples safety. China has been very successful in programs, projects and plans concerning public safety and emergency management, it’s my sincere intention to adapt those skills to my country. It is my hope that through the knowledge attained I will be able to push for better plans and policies on Disaster management in my country. Reasons to study in ChinaI have been impressed to study in China due to the long history of relationship between Tanzania and China and close ties bonding the two countries together Since Tanzania’s independence. China has been the developmental role model to Tanzania and a close ally to our country through following the socialist political economic ideology.

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Furthermore, China’s diversity of cultural norms and values, hospitality of its people makes me determined to explore its beauty. I have personally heard, seen and read through articles on Tanzania-Chinese relationship and from many Tanzanians living in China.China has been a great companion of Tanzania’s economy and technology, through a number of Chinese governments project in our country, this solidifies my encouragement to study in China knowing that the knowledge that I will attain will be useful in my country.China has been very successful in responding and neutralizing diverse kinds of fatal disasters, natural and technological, this proves on how it has put in place proper preparedness and response plans against disasters. I see that though its long experience in disaster Management,


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