Through cocaine that I learned from this

Through my experience, I learned more about negative effects and consequences that are associated with the consumption of cocaine. This course has taught me and equipped me with many facts and information about these type of drugs that I was not previously aware of. With this gained knowledge I am a more informed person whom can make better decisions for myself that will not place myself for the people around me in dangerous situations. The first thing about cocaine that I learned from this course is that the cocaine is comes from the leaves of the coca bush or coca tree. These coca bushes are mostly found in South America.

In the early 1800’s cocaine was introduced to Europe. In 1900’s cocaine was available to consumers over the counter. Its medicinal value was a relief for toothaches and congestion. After cocaine become popular the negative effects of cocaine become known to everyone. (Stephen A.

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Maisto)The effects of cocaine is depends on many different things like the amount of consumption, which route of administration taken to consume cocaine like snorting, injecting, or smoking. In snorting the consumer inhales the powder form through the nasal cavity and the drug enter bloodstream through the nasal tissue. In injecting the cocaine is inject directly to the bloodstream with the help of syringe. In smoking consumer inhale large amount of cocaine smoke to the lung where it enters the bloodstream. The effect are instant and intense but not long lasting. (S.



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