Within reign the Ottoman Empire reached its

Within the three articles Suleiman the Magnificent, Nelson Mandela, and Queen Elizabeth shared two qualities that demonstrated a leader. All three were brave/ courageous and highly educated. Suleiman and Mandela were admired by many and Queen Elizabeth did a lot of good for her people.In the article of Suleiman the Magnificent he demonstrated the leadership quality bravery/ courage because of his amazing reputation.

More specifically he “used an enveloping maneuver to surround his enemies” (Source 1). Basically, he trapped his enemies and destroyed them. He also loved to learn “Suleiman was not just a warrior.

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He was interested in learning art, architecture, and the law. Under his reign the Ottoman Empire reached its peak both as military power and a center of culture.” (Source 1). He knew learning was important and used the knowledge he gained to help others; he obviously had to be well educated to be able to do this. For the last quality he demonstrated, holding many admirers, he “was feared but also admired by people with many lands.” (Source 1). He could have been highly respected for his military expertise or even his ability to help others. The next article was about Nelson Mandela “Mandela used every opportunity he had to speak out against the injustice of white domination.

‘I have dedicated myself to the struggle of the African people’, he declared” (Source 2). For this people admired him greatly, this and some other testimonies put him in jail. However, whilst in prison “ Other prisoners benefited from spending time with him. learning history and political strategy.” (Source 2).

He educated people with everything he knew about these subject so he must of been highly educated. Luckily for him “The white leaders of South Africa began to offer him some form of conditional release as early as 1985. But Mandela was not willing to accept conditions- or return to a country where he and his people still had no political rights.” (Source 2). Suleiman and Mandela shared the same leadership qualities but in very different ways in very different time eras. Based off of this, you don't have to be a great warrior to be a great leader.

As for the article about Queen Elizabeth.

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