Those shown that tardiness in school has

Those students who are not going to school early fail to attend substantial announcements and activities in school. Some existing studies have shown that tardiness in school has a negative effect to our learning. Students who arrive late and miss school hours, acquire less hours of instruction or learning than students who are early in class. It is not only those students who are always late in class show bad punctuality habits; their tardiness also disintegrates the learning of their co-students in class. A report recommends that giving punishments to late students once they get to class is not helpful for teachers, because it just aggravates the situation. But instead, in some studies the authors suggest to use praise as a positive reinforcement strategy, as it has proved to be effective for addressing problem behavior.
There are things to consider in implementing this strategy. Using recent school records to know which students show a consistent pattern of being late. Like for example, it makes sense to a student who had a pattern of tardiness at the beginning of the school year but is not consistently late and only by chance. They also consider young students who often depend on an adult to bring them to school on time, and teachers should be aware of the fact that parents’ behavior may be an effect of students’ tardiness rather than blaming students’ behavior. As stated by Gottfried (2014) in his academic paper which tackles the impact of tardy students’ behavior on their peers. Gottfried agrees that teachers’ response to the educational needs of late students through reallocating regular class time, other students are affected and classroom instruction is slowed by this disruption. Because of tardy students going to school at abnormal times and potentially missing a number of accretive instructional hours, teachers must pay attention to remediation rather than regular teaching time. Gottfried says, ‘As such, there are negative effects on achievement generated when one student’s actions impede learning for other classmates. (Rebecca, 2017)


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