This patient further. This patient was having

This was the treatment done for this patient and here is the recommended treatment for sepsis patients. They are other things that care providers need to take care of for example not harming the patient further. This patient was having a BP cuff on the same side as the IV line and when the cuff was inflating the fluid was stopping to run considering that the BP was dropping as for me we shouldn’t interfere this is a sort of causing harm to the patient which was not good.TreatmentEarly treatment boosts your chances of surviving sepsis. Patient that has severe sepsis need to be monitored closely they also need treatment in ICU.

MedicationsMany medications are utilized to treat sepsis. •Antibiotics: This treatment shall be given with antibiotics directly, during the 1rst 6 hours or before. The antibiotics are given IVI.•Vasopressors. If the BP is still very low even after IV administration fluids, a vasopressor medication can be administered, which can narrow blood vessels and aid to rise BP.Other medications that can be given involve decrease doses of corticosteroids, drugs that modify the immune system responses, and painkillers or sedatives.

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(Anon., 2018)Infection preventionPeople that work or volunteer in long-term care facilities have to be aware of infection prevention. These include:


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