This that have both low and high-frequency

This lab
experiment was carried out with the purpose of finding out the central
frequency of the band pass filter. The
central frequency was found with the help of circuit diagram and from the data
table formed from the observations. In this lab experiment, a stack of
low and high band pass filters were also

During the experiment a couple of
polarized capacitors were used, these
pair of polarized capacitors along with resistors was used to control the cut
off frequency. These
capacitors were then added in a particular way to increase their capacity due to
the fact that the capacity of the
capacitors is governed by the way they are linked. In
this experiment, the bandpass filter is formed with the help
of low pass filters and high pass filters that were connected opposite to
each other so that the bandpass
filter could pass the signals that have both low and high-frequency ranges collectively. A band pass filter could pass the
signals with certain band or recurrence without contorting any of the
information or without delivering any clamor. The
cascading process can form the bandpass filter. Under this process,
cascading of high and low pass filter is performed. Cascading of low and
high pass filter means using the output of the first filter as the input of the second filter.

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The bandpass filter
can be utilized to segregate the frequencies that exist in an assigned band or
group of frequencies.

Every section of the filter looks like
the frequencies of the former
filter. The high and low pass filters have their resistors and
capacitors that interchange to form the bandpass

various applications in which bandpass filter is used have
filter’ bands and frequencies of a much broader fabricated from
combined signals.

The circuit that is used in filtering the frequencies is
designed by combining the properties of
the low and high bandpass filters. This
bandpass filter is designed to skip the
indicators within the bands of frequencies.

Bandwidth can also be defined as the frequency
ranges that exist on any point between
cut off frequencies of the low and high pass filter or the band of frequencies. The
cutoff frequency 1, or we can say CF1, is
the lower frequency at which the transfer function of signals has the maximum value
equivalent to l/?2.

The cutoff
frequency 2 is the higher frequency at which the transfer function of signals has the maximum values equivalent to l/?2. The
center frequency is the frequency at which transferring of the signal function
is at maximum.



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