This situational variables. The relationship between servant leadership

This study that explores the effects of servant leadership on employee`s job satisfaction, environment and the attitude of employees, whether perceived organization support as a mediator. Build a model that consists of five theories, namely, servant leadership as the independent variable, satisfaction, environment and attitude with the leader as a measure variable, organizational support perceived as situational variables. The relationship between servant leadership and job satisfaction, attitude and environment is also mediated by perceived organization support. With these results, this study contributes to the investigation demonstrating that leadership has direct and mediating effects on the attitudes and behavior of employees.

Servant leadership is not a novel indication. Furthermore, it was found that the POS is closely related to the various employee outcomes, such as commitment, satisfaction, performance and intention to leave. The first is particularly noteworthy because if the servant leadership predicts central self-assessment, this would confirm that service leadership influences the important changes of employees as people, a central tenet of servant leadership. In addition, on the leadership of the servers predicts the central self-assessment, this can be added to the question of whether the self-assessment is a personality trait that cannot be modified or is potentially formable.

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