This study examines the effects of service leadership on employee well-being, environment and employee attitude, regardless of whether organizational support is considered a mediator. Build a model that consists of five theories, namely servant leadership as independent variable, satisfaction, environment and attitude with the leader as a measure of variables, organizational support is perceived as situation variables. The relationship between service leadership and job satisfaction, attitude and the environment is also communicated by perceived organizational support.

With these results, this study contributes to the survey showing that leadership has direct and mediative effects on employees’ attitudes and behaviors. Servant leadership is a growing problem in leadership literature. The first is particularly remarkable, because if the leadership of the service predicts a central self-assessment, this would confirm that service leadership influences the key changes of employees as people, a central management leadership team.

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In addition, the server’s management assumes the central self-assessment. This can be added to the question whether self-assessment is a personality that can not be modified or can be formed.


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