This from 158 students prior to the

This study consisted of an experiment that examined the frequency of bullying in an urban/suburban middle school and how the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program would affect it. According to the article, data was collected from 158 students prior to the implementation of the OBPP in comparison to the to 112 students who received the OBPP intervention for a 1-year period. Research has identified bullying as the most widespread form of low-level violence in schools and has a significant impact on student’s emotions and their ability to learn.

They also claim that preventative programs such as the OBPP can change a school’s atmosphere. Furthermore, a review of school based anti-bullying interventions results suggested that addressing various professional disciplines were more effective than curriculum-specific interventions. However, a study of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program suggested mixed positive effects varied by student’s characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, and grade level.

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After utilizing the Olweus Bully/Victim Questionnaire and the Teacher Questionnaire to conduct the study of the 7th and 8th grade middle school student, researchers proposed that 7th grade females’ response were most positive whereas 7th grade males reported a more negative effect. Other reporting suggested that 8th grade female student effects were negative after the one-year intervention.In concluding, I believe that this experiment may have been successful on a small level. I also agree that early intervention programs, open communication and clear policies can be used as preventative measures against bullying.

However as stated in the article a one -year program is not a significant amount of time to reduce the effects of bullying. Bullying impact students worldwide and I think that experiments of a larger magnitude will need to be conducted to insure success among students. I also think that teaching youth to identify early signs of bullying behavior within themselves and others will pose a greater impact.


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