This and movies. Studying in the USA will

This scholarship will give me the opportunity to further develop and improve my skills in 3D modelling and digital sculpting and painting to become a professional 3D artist of characters and environments for movies and games. My goal is to learn the step by step process and workflows of creating stunning artistic 3D characters and environments from the ground up which are suitable for games and movies. Studying in the USA will give me the chance to learn from the best industry professionals in the field of 3D animation and modelling using the most up to date, developed and professional equipment, techniques and software like ZBrush, Maya and Substance Painter.

One of my inserts in the field is to follow up with the annual international events and conferences of digital art where the most talented professional artists in the industry are gathered such as ZBrush Summit taking place in Los Angeles. During my study in the USA, I would have the chance to attend games and movies studio’s conferences, where they demonstrate how they create their games and show the most updated techniques they use and how they overcome the challenges that they face to finalize their art. The USA brings together the most important events, conferences and professionals in the industry of movies and games.

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The world of 3D games and animated movies is a challenging world for me. Currently I work as a senior graphic designer in Koogi TV channel, where I work on creating short 2D cartoon programs and movies for kids as well as 3D promos using software such as Cinema 4D, Photoshop, After Effects and Unity game engine. I have worked on a 2D mobile game app called Ziko, where I have designed the first level and the game’s Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Recently I have created a digital painting cartoon character of Samson using Photoshop for a cartoon program. Also I create motion graphic logos and promos for the channel. Moreover, I sculpted the face of a 3D character using ZBrush program. Hence, this study will improve my knowledge and practical skills in 3D modelling, texturing and sculpting; therefore boosting my career to be a professional 3D artist. When I return to Egypt, my goal will be to utilize my new acquired knowledge and skills in this program to establish a department for the study of Computer Art in the Institute of Coptic Studies to teach digital sculpting and painting to students who are willing to gain practical knowledge of the art of digital world. I aspire at opening new horizons for students at the Institute of Coptic Studies who draw and paint Coptic Icons using traditional art; as I seek using the techniques, software and hardware of digital art in drawing and painting the Coptic Icons.

I implemented this concept while I was working on a program in Koogi TV channel called The Story of an Icon, where I changed the traditional art of Coptic Icons into digital one; 2D animated digital Coptic Icons. Moreover, I plan to use my expertise in the field to give courses for talented youth who are willing and have the passion to join the field which will generating new employment opportunities for them in order to join companies in Egypt to improve and upgrade the quality of animated movies that satisfy the needs of the companies working in the field. I will take advantage of my gained skills in the program to boost my career.

I will pass on my new acquired skills and knowledge to my co-workers in Koogi TV channel as I am fully aware of their passion of the field. My aim is to help the channel not only to produce 2D short animation movies and songs for kids but also to utilize the 3D sculpting and modelling for creating cartoon characters and environments in order to keep up with the developments and new techniques in creating 3D animated movies worldwide. My dream is to create great artistic characters and environments in terms of high quality of rendering similar to those well-known ones created by Disney and Pixar. Hence, I would be able to develop and enhance the materials that appear on the screen of the channel. My long term goal is to gather and teach passionate talented youth to be professional digital artists to be the core for establishing a digital art studio with the mission of teaching as well as producing 3D animation movies and games.

I aspire at taking the industry of creating 3D games and movies in Egypt to new highest. This program will give me the opportunity to be a professional modeller with a great portfolio that qualifies me to participate in creating international animated movies and games.


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