This in the hospitality industry in Nairobi,Kenya.

This research is to assess the current demand of high skilled and professional personnel in the hospitality industry in Nairobi,Kenya. The author has observed and analyzed that there is an increasing number of demand in skilled and professional personnel which has lead to high importance of labour forces. It is now important and essential to recruit skilled and qualified personnel and to have to select the right candidate to work in the organization. In the literature review it will highlight and state the methods that are to be being used. Two types of hotel classifications will be used in the research one of which is a local brand and an international brand but both hold a five star hotel ranking. The analysis has been taken through the use of online questionnaires which covers through the recruitment and selection and other main function processes.

In the findings we see that the hotels are interested in a particular group pool of people to employ however they follow the organizations regulation techniques.Nonetheless the conclusion is that the hotel’s practices were sufficient in the recruitment and selection however the recommendation would be for the HR department to analyze candidates on their main capabilities. Key words- skilled personnel, unskilled personnel,semi skilled, recruitment and selection.

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