This I have learned as a graduate

This portfolio is a compilation of the written works I completed in my MAT/MAED program during the 2016 fall quarter to 2018 fall quarter all of which support my definite comprehension and execution of the course’s outcome. Consisting of fifteen papers, power point slides and lesson plans, my portfolio explores the new techniques I have learned as a graduate student. This portfolio is established to help me understand, document, assess and enhance teaching and learning in the courses I was taught throughout my graduate program.

It represents the version of what a graduate portfolio should look like and what it can do to enhance teaching and learning. Compilation of this portfolio is created upon two essential ideas. The first is that the primary aim of teaching is to improve students’ learning, thinking and development.

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Teaching and learning are codependent activities, and to me it makes no sense to examine one without examining the other. Therefore, I have ensured to make this a learning-centered portfolio. The second idea is that a single course is an ideal framework in which to explore relationships between teaching and learning. Courses represent understandable units in which teachers integrate content and teaching practices to achieve specific aims within a time period.I believe a graduate course portfolio creates a comprehensible view of teaching and learning throughout an entire program. It explains what the instructor intends to accomplish with students, how the teacher uses several teaching practices to address these aims and the results of the experience in terms of students’ learning, thinking and development.

Portfolios provide a way to document the substance and intricacy of teaching and can be used to structure self-assessment as well as peer review.


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