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This assignment is about safeguarding of adults. It will discuss the important issues in relation to the film ” Call Me Joe” (2010 A and B) which are provided by The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). I will be using the Rolf et al’s reflective model: What? So what? Now what?.

 Evidence-based practice is the process that is normally used to illustrate research strategies. These research strategies let the clinicians collect the most up to date information, so it allows them to make a decision about the care of the individual patients. Moreover, evidence-based practice has been thought out to be the best approach which integrates the best currently available evidence (Baigis & Hughes, 2001).  The contributions of clinical trial nurses who have supported the evidence-based in practice in nursing have started back in the nineteenth century. During the Crimean War 1850s, the rates occurrence of death in the war of the English soldiers were high, so a nurse called Florence Nightingale gathered together clinical data and then she investigated it. She found out that with an improvement sanitary method, the death rate decreased (Audain, 2009).   Furthermore, the nurses have to use the evidence, in order to make it better standards of care to archive a better standards in the nursing profession: evidence-based practice make the quality of nursing care guiding practice better since it makes sure that the best practice is achieved and also it is supported by the literature and evidence (Brooker & Nicol, 2003). The healthcare practitioner regularly uses it to draw upon to support the clinically based reflection.

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Reflection is the process that allows the healthcare professionals to make a better practice through continuous monitoring (Daly et el 2010).  Reflection is the process of reviewing experience that includes description, analysis, and evaluation in order to improve the learning in practice  (Role et al, 2001), which later on was supported by (Fleming, 2006), who described it as a process of reasoned thought. It allows the practitioner to critically judge self and their approach to practice. Reflective practice is proposed to in the healthcare settings since it allows the nurses to control the influence of caring for other patients of their daily basis. Reflective practice can be described as the process of making sense of events, situations, and actions in their workplace.   What? The scenario that is provided NMC (2010 A) it is clear that Joe lives a residential care since the death of his wife Ella.

In the video A (NMC 2010A) shows one day of Joe’s life in the residential care. In the video (2010 B) it shows Joe thoughts.Video A, introduces Joe is woken at 5:14 by the nurse. The carers woke Joe up without asking for any permission if they were allowed to go in his room and proceed to get him out of the bed, however, the careers entered his room they 


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