This really short legs and somehow short neck.The

This artwork named ” ITALIAN LANCERS AT A GALLOP ” , create by Gino Severini in 1915,where the war was on ongoing, is describing Italian lancers are riding their horses, andrunning on the grass field.

There are four Italian lancers riding four horses, and are on thefield, practicing there tactical movement. This painting also has a sketch version that theartist sketches.The background has a lot of varieties of colours. The horses too have different colours. Thereare trees on the top left while at the top right you can see a mountain.

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The field is filled withvarious colours. The Italian lancers all have the same design and the same colours armor,everyone is holding a lance. The lance their holding does not have a spear head shown.The artwork consist of many triangles and rectangle as the shapes. Some of them are justhalf circles. Even though there are no lines, the artwork has present lines without it.

Thetextures of the artwork have lots of brush strokes. The colours are present with bright andstrong that represent day time. The horses have really long rectangle as the body shape, andhas really short legs and somehow short neck.The medium that the artist use on this artwork are brushes and oil paints. The artist usesgeometrical shapes to paint out the shape of every subject in the artwork. The style ofpainting has some brush strokes but not that too separated from each other.

ANALYSISThe size of every horse are the same, from body to the head, their all look similar to eachother. Even the Italian lancers have the same proportion to each other. The scale of everyItalian lancers is the same, with the same design helmet and holding the same lance. Eventhe size and the scale of the lances are the same, same length, but can’t see the top. Thetree on the top left have some different designs from each other. The land have differentshapes of rectangle to form a field as the background while half circles are uses to form thefield in the front.

The mountain on the top right have triangle shape for its size beside it hassmall tree.The shape of the helmets wear by the Italian lancers, have the same shape with round shapeand axe like sticking on the top of the helmet. The shape of the horses are rectangled, theirlegs too are rectangles shaped. The horse neck have cone shape attach to the horse heads.The background is used the rectangles and half circle to form the field.

The mountain is alsopaint with triangle shape. The whole artwork looks really edge and hard because it usessquares to form all the subject.The colour usage in the artwork are really bright due to how artist is painted. The artist paintthe colour with bright colour such as red, yellow, green and many more that can be said as abright colour. The colours used can said are complimentary since its has most of the sixcolours in it. Most of the colours have some dark shade on it even though it is using a brightcolours. While looking at the artwork, I can see that every shape has their own colours, someof them does not have that is.

The texture on the artwork are rough. The surface of every colour has this small but thickbrush strokes that paint onto the painting. It makes it more striking from all of the shapes.The most contrast texture in the artwork has go to the black horse, it on the center and hasa black painted texture. While looking at this artwork, I discover the land of the field hassome really nice done texture that looks like grass field.The space of the artwork are kind of stick together. For example the four Italian lancers, theare really near to each other when their are running.

Even the horse also have no space foreach other. The horse between the ground does not have enough space between them too.The Italian lancers and top right mountain also does not look like have space for them.The only subject I can see that has space is the top left of bunch of trees, since the trees arepaint with some space, it looks more wielder and bigger.

The whole art could have couldhave been a big pile up if it is not without the different types of colours that are used. Thechoices of colours separates them being similar together, so the artwork does not look messup.INTERPRETATONIn what I see in this artwork, this is happening in the some war zone era, because how thecolours are being used. The method of using geometrical shapes is to shown that thispainting is being created at the time where the art is going for a futuristic form of art. Theartist using this way of painting is to show the motion on Italian lancers, the speed there aretraveling, the movement that takes the horse to move forward, the momentum of how thehorse and the lancer are being move together.Since the painting is being painted at a war time, you can say that this painting is describingfour Italian lancers are practicing charging with their lances.

The square like shapes used inthe painting is used to find out the geometrical shape of the horse and the lancers. Theusage of geometrical shape that the artist put in can be present in everywhere. Thebackground have various of rectangles, but all of them are colour differently so that thebackground does not look bland.The artwork have some movement into it, like the movement of the wind as shown at thetree how it being bent by wind blowing. There are also movement on capes that the lancersare wearing. The tail of the horse also move in way that is flying upwards and if flowing withthe wind. The painting is being paint on the spot while the artist also present in the sameplace, this is a reason that why the painting has movement in it. While doing this, he sketchsit his sketch book first so he can get the idea for what he is trying to do.

The reason why the artist use geometrical shapes in his painting is because he wants paintout the speed, sound, light from the lancers. The artist want to drawn the dynamics of thelancers that are in a very fast paced, he want to capture the motion of the lancers riding thehorse in the field. The usage of geometrical shapes is to abstract out the complex in the field,as shown in the painting, the basic shapes make the subject looks more dynamic and it feelsmore flown and much more easy to drawn out.The other reasons is that he want to embrace the new age. During that time, it is present inthe modern age, and being influence by artworks of cubism. Since its the age of modern, theartist went on to using this style to paint his paintings. With new technologies, the artistembrace this new idea of method on his paintings. This new type of method was usebecause of their want to break away from the old style of methods, like the realisticdrawings.

This type of method, movement can also be seen in some of the present artworks, it actuallya movement that tells you that geometrical shape can help you in drawing the dynamic inthe present subject. Of course in our present day, we would just modified the whole thing.Geometrical shapes are used for ensure the shape of the model so we wont get theproportion wrong. Where as this movement, it has the same type of understanding, but it isput in to a study the movement of the speed and light of ones moving object.Even though the painting may look innocent, but it has deep meaning to it. To know that thispainting is being painted at the somewhere during war time, it mean that this artist has theguts to go into the battlefield to just learn out new ways to improve knowledge, it is bothbrave but stupid at the same time. It does provide you good information, and it might ableto let you improve, but risky move like this cause up for a death wish.

But this type ofmovement what makes up to this future now, so I can say much anything to them. Thispainting has some very good looking background, this implied that this is before the warstarts. The grass is still alive, the trees are still stood up tall, and the lancers are justpracticing the movement.JUDGEMENTIn my conclusion, I see this kind of painting is more towards to showing the art movementthan having any types of message to it. The whole painting comes out as something that toimport this new type of drawing movement. That is not bad too, consider that the usage ofgeometrical shapes id pretty much in the painting, and furthur more, it capture the assenceof the artwork.

In my opinion, this is some really fine art from the old years.The ideas that the artist put into it are pretty much spotted on, the feeling of the artist isalso put into the painting too. The way the artist makes good use of the geometrical shape issomething that can be refer to as really good reference.

The lancers, the horses are bothpaint with perfection with geometrical shapes, even the trees too are also pretty much spoton. The background does not feel boring and its feel with lifeThis painting has all of his elements in it , even its not that big of a deal, but it does capturethe life in the nature. The painting can just be about life itself too, since the place is reallywide open to the wild.While looking at this, the painting does not play with you at all. The colours in the paintingare pretty much get into you’re eyes. It is really soothing to look at it to painting thinkingthat the lancers are pretty much there at the beginning.

With what the painting is, it can besaid that this painting has its beauty in it that the artist is able to pull it out.COMPARISONCompare to the two artwork I am writing, both of them have elements in it. But both havedifferent types of art styles, in term of design and usage of the medium.

The elephantartwork is more towards on sending a message to the audience and let people have anawareness on the topic. Where as the Italian lancers, it mostly just to shown off what kind ofartwork can you create with it, and what ideas is more good.In a world engrossed with selfish human needs, we are sorely neglecting and disrespectingother lives needing to live freely on this Earth together with us. Ironically, Humans havebecome the most feared, dangerous and cruelest of predators in the wild. Elephants arekilled mercilessly for trophies. The ones captured are tortured and goes through extremepain caused by Humans for our pleasure.

We are taking away their Homes. Perhaps Humansare ignorant about the vital role of Elephants in the wild. If this is so, what a shame!Where do we draw the lines between them and us? In these crucial times for Elephantsurvival, clear boundaries need to be drawn for both species. We need them for a healthyecosystem, especially our rainforests in Malaysia, we can’t afford to lose them.

The lifelineneeds to be established between us so that the future sees Elephants & other wildlifethriving & walking in peace on this land. Are we willing to draw the line and create healthyboundaries in order to keep them safe?The artwork, named “Drawing The Lines of Coexistence”, drawn by Christine Das, isdescribing the elephants that are surviving in the human world. In the artwork, there arethree elephants, one on right, two on the left.

On the middle there is a bird holding somewhat of a paper.On the ground, there are many elephant shaped glass models laying in front of the artwork.Every glass models are flat and have different shapes and size but it still represent as anelephant. Every glass model also have words written in it.

More towards the front of the artwork, you can see it displays two yellow thin plastic lineswritten caution. At the right, there is a writing written ‘ Is this our future?’, with paint likewriting.The artwork uses monochrome colours to manifest the colour of the elephants and its wholeappearance. The white use to space out the with lines of grays to make it look more like aelephant skin. The uses of gray in this artwork looks like fogs and gases, it makes it contrastin the artwork. The background consist of different types of green.The elephant in the artwork have gas like body.

Smoke like gases is used to drawn out thewhole body shape of the elephant while the background even the bird are painted normally.The bird too, actually has a little of that smoking effect, and the bird is holding a paper. Thepaper looks like our Malaysia paper money. The background has some green lines to makethe all green background feel like trees.The tools and medium, which is what I am seeing, its acrylic colours.

It also coop with thickbrushes.AnalysisThe size of the elephants in the artwork are different. The elephant on the right is seen morebigger, while the left one are smaller, and much smaller one beside it. The bird has a moresmaller body, but somehow makes it different form the other subjects in the artwork. Interm of scaling, the elephant one the right has the biggest scale, this is due to the subject isbeing pulled to viewer with its gigantic body shape. The other two elephant at the back, hasmuch smaller scale, but it acts as their are very far, and trying to say their are very small.

Although is drawn by thick lines, the shape is still very resemble as an elephant. You got theroundness of the elephant body, their cylinder shape legs and long trunks, even the face isalso drawn very similar to as elephant, with its rectangle shape large ears. Even with thistype of drawing, only the bird and the background are in their original shapes and shading,including the paper money. The lines are drawn in a swirly way to present a wind or smokelike movement to the elephants body. The lines also somehow fade away to the backgroundtoo to look like its disappearing. Though the bird also have some same drawing lines, but itdoes not disappear like the elephants behind him.

The colour choices of the artwork are very dark in a way the artist used. The black and whitein the artwork are use for the whole shape of the three elephants and the bird, but thebecause how two colours are mixed, their form a line of gray. The background of theartwork has various of green to shown to be like a forest, but at the middle there is a bigchuck of white. The colour has a flat light colour finish, though the colours make you feel alittle dark.The surface on the artwork looks smooth, but it is painted with acrylic paints so the surfacewhen touched, it feels slightly rough.

Since it is painted smoothly, the whole artwork looksvery whole and it fits perfectly with the background. There no loose edges, every paint stickstogether very fine. Even the the end of the smoke trails are perfectly paint.

The surfacetexture of the forest on the background is paint very fine, though its just a background, thecolour choice the artist choose is fitting with the object, the elephant, very nicely. It does notinterfere the elephant but somehow also merged with the elephant. The contrasting bird onthe middle really stands out from bunch of the rest because the bird does not fade away likethe elephants, and it does not merge or mixed with the background even though it has thesame texture and colouring as the rest of the object.When looking at this artwork, the elephant on the right looks very near to the view, whilethe others looks far away from the whole. The artist gives space between to every object tomake them look far apart, not sticking together, even the background. The size of theelephant also make the different by having the bigger size to look like the elephant looksvery front. The elephants on the left does not stick together, the space given between is justright to not to separate them. Since it is separate into two canvas, two of them have a reallynear the placement on the front which are the elephant and the bird.

The colours alsomakes the body have shape of a elephant by having shades throughout the whole body.INTERPRETATIONIn what I have seen in this artwork, it is really sad and mess up at the same time. Theartwork is trying to tell that the elephant in the world are being hunt by human for their ownenjoyment and their own satisfaction. As seen on the floor, the many elephant shapedsculptures are saying about the elephants that are killed and tortured by the humans, andtheir represent the soul for each and every one of them. Every sculpt has written all of theirdeaths such as being shot, hunt for fun, being abused and so on.Since the elephants are being played, the artwork is being portrait of meeting the line. Thefront of the canvas shown a yellow strap of line written caution.

It is trying to depict that wehave cross the line of inhuman, being a genocide, and not caring the wild. We humans havecross the line to hurt and kill elephant for our own selfish ways, this is the reason for thepresent of the yellow straps. Though it is not part with the canvas, but I am sure this ispurposely trying to show that we should have stop at the line.The elephants in the artwork, that are named, from the right is called Lady Boss and left iscalled Subby, the elephant on the left side and beside of Subby is unknown, I presume it istheir offspring or some other elephants’ offspring. The artist is trying to draw them walkingaround the forest while Lady boss is leading the way for them, that is why it is the most infront of all the objects. While Lady Boss is in front of all elephants, the bird actually considerthe one that take the front.

The specific one, the bird on the artwork, why is on the front is something. I have somethoughts of why is it in front the bird. One of which is the bird stole a humans money andthought of is some kind of food, the paper in the artwork really resembles a Malaysia’sringgit money.

Maybe the human drop his or her money and it is picked up by this bird. Theother thought is that the bird is some sort of spy or the real leading of the elephants to trapsthat the humans have set up to capture them, but as far as goes, that does not feel right. Myother thought is that there in front of bunch of humans in the forest, and the bird justsomehow got the money. That also leads me to another thought.What if the artist takes the picture of the elephants, Lady Boss and Subby while she is in theforest.

The elephants might be at a save place in the forest that are protected by the morenicer humans.While analyzing the artwork, I find out that why lines are used in this artwork instead ofusing normal body shapes for the elephants. Since the title is named, ” Drawing The Line ofCoexistence ” , a bunch of lines form up as an elephant is the line of caution that we humansneed to stop at. Since elephants have been consider as an endangered species, the lines ontheir body represent the line of caution for this species and around their types. The lines arepreventing the humans from hunting and murder them.The lines also have another meaning as I understand it, it represent their extincting speciesand their soul might gone. The lines on them have smoke like wave, just their bodies areturning into dust that are being blown away. As their age is going in, their body will becomemore weak.

It also trying to tell that their could someday die for aging, so their body will flyaway like dust, merging with the home their living, the forest. The swirly lines makes themovement seems moving and also with their aging movement, the lines does not sticktogether and it is perfectly merge with white.Colour on is artwork is very special. The colour used most are some gray and black, the basecolour is white. The colour used in the background is green, since is the colour of all forestand plants. The volume of the colour use is very good, it does not mix together excludinghow the artist draw them , make them feel harmony. The volume in the elephants havesome space to make sure that lines does make it feels like a smoking and flying effects. Usingthe lines plus the spaces, it make sure the elephants does feel alive but at the same time itfeels that it saddening of how their are being treat in the world.

Every size of the foreground on the artwork is very different. Like the Lady Boss, her size ofthe body has the most biggest because it was depict as the leader of the group that she is in.Since she has a bigger size, she turns out to be the contrast among the elephants in theartwork. Other elephants have a middle size and act as some background character. The sizeof every part of the elephant is little accurate.

The head of the elephants are always biggerthan their bodies as something that is very real like body shape. Despite sheer size of thebody, the elephant like Lady Boss are very gentle and very kind, that care about her family.As shown in how the lines are drawn, it is not mixed and it always have some space for themin the same time movement are always feels big.The tone of the artwork is kind of dark and its lets you feel sad at the same time. The colourin the artwork makes the overall feel very down, even though the colours are flat and verywell done, it still felt like the artwork is giving out the some sad truth about our harming onthe elephants.

The emotion of the elephant in the artwork are expressed out through outthe shapes, colours and tones that used. The artist drawn out the emotion of the elephantsthat are being felt in real world. The tiredness in the eyes on the elephants can be seenthrough the artwork, as also can be seen as their are worried about their species on how aretheir gonna live in the forest.JUDGEMENTIn my conclusion, the artwork has an expressive way of art to communicate with theaudience. The depth and the meaning in the artwork are very expressive through visuals, likethe elephants are in a deep pain that humans are not looking at it, like its not a big deal.

Theintention of the artwork is to let people realize how we have treat animals, not justelephants in a really cruel way. By looking at the artwork, you can feel the artist is trying toexpress out and let the audience to know the truth and the fact that the things we havedone.Art should need to felt like its that able to express out the feeling of the artist is trying giveout, but in order to do that, the artist should need to know the fact that it is very importantto have the knowledge of your subject. What kind of subject that can impact a person’s mindand soul, to inflict the same feeling that the artist is trying to feel.

Examples are thatelephants in the artwork are mostly in suffer in human attacks. Their eyes are fill withdespair but at the same time it does not.Art should look and feel as if it is based on reality, since the world is filled with many ideasthat can be draw in the canvas. Though, the art may look different than some of the others,but if does express out the meaning and the real purpose behind it, it can be consider anexcellent artwork. See how realistic the situation of the artwork, the reality have these kindsituations, it makes the artwork more real to the world.

Plus if the artwork can express outthe meaning and whys, then the artwork is consider a good artwork for communicate withthe audience. Like how the lines in the artwork works with the title, and it also tells thathumans should have stop at that line to not furthur destroy the peace.When it comes to art, sometimes you don’t need to calculated everything. Some of theresult cannot be calculate just by counting, it will just make the artwork more complex anddifficult to understand. When the artist draw this artwork, you can just straight up tell itsomething about elephants being harm.

Of course the artwork can be deeply investigate,that just make the artwork more reasonable to be a great art.What I found out about is that this artwork can be made impact through out the world. Itcan raise the awareness of the danger of the elephants in every country. Art should able tomake our people everyday life changing, make it more meaningful and more profound. Likehow the line between animals and humans are in the artwork. The artwork shows howhumans should separate themselves from hurting their homeland and their species kind. Ifwe do not realize this, then that animal species will not live long or even go extinct.

I, as the viewer can believe this is true since I have seen articles about this type of situations.The artwork did delivers the message that it has carry out in the artist. The artist must haveexperience some emotion so she can draw out this artwork. The artist has this reallydepressing theme in it, it lets you feel like that the artist is also carrying the same feeling asyou when drawing or viewing this piece of artwork.

Though I can’t really feel what the artistis really feeling about when drawing this artwork, but I can say she did a good job ondelivering this really profound and meaningful message within it. I can safely say it issomething about the what the artwork can really present.


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