This accident and get injured while gardening. After

This report will help you
to well understand the perception of health, disability, illness and behaviour
prior to the case study of Mr Bazapaul describe above.

According to WHO, the
health of a person is not only the absence of diseases and infirmity. The
health of a person is the complete well being in a person physical, mental and
social status. If we take the case of Mr Bazapaul who is not in a good health
and this reflect the definition of WHO regarding his physical, mental and
social condition.  We note also that
since his retirement his health condition has raised the attention of his
family which find his health condition worst when he had has accident and get
injured while gardening. After sometimes the family found that he was diagnosed
Alzheimer and has vision and hearing impairments.

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The Disability Discrimination
Act 1992 (cth) determines disability as a total or partial loss of the person’s
bodily or mental functions or part of the body. It can be sensory, physical,
intellectual and psychiatrist. If we refer to Mr Bazapaul case, we note that he
cannot take care of himself according to the statement of his wife observation,
where she has the feeling that his husband was disoriented and careless about
his personal hygiene.

Sometimes a disability
may be visible or hidden, may be permanent or temporary and may have minimal or
substantial impact on a person’s abilities (Equality Act, 2010). Mr Bazapaul
disabilities are hearing loss, vision loss and Alzheimer.

Illness is described as infectious
and non-infectious. Mr Bazapaul is suffering from diabetes, which is a

Alzheimer is a type of
dementia that causes problem with memory, thinking and behaviour. Symptoms
usually develop slowly and get worst overtime sever enough to interfere in
daily task. The family of Mr Bazapaul does not have any other option than to admit
him in the health care centre where he will get appropriate care and help to
accomplish his activity of daily living.

Behaviour can be defined
as an individual character. It is the way a person acts and conducts towards
his environment. Different people behave in different ways and therefore the
behaviour of people is unique to them (WHO, 2015).

There are 4 types of
behaviour namely aggressive, passive, passive aggressive, and assertiveness. An
Alzheimer patient has aggressive behaviour, and which may be verbal or
physical. They can occur suddenly with no apparent reason or simply result to a
frustrating situation.  We must not
forget that interacting with people with or without disabilities is usually
difficult and conforming.

In the ancient times,
people did not have adequate knowledge and technology in handling specific
needs of the affected individuals who need either health or social care
services or even both (WHO, 2007)

Nowadays these perceptions
have been changed, due to the fact that education level has been increased.
Communication also helped in this way. Mr Bazapaul family that is his wife and
his two sons has chosen the best option that was requested by the health
professional to place him a specialised institution. Due to their busy life, to
run their own company, they need to work hard to maintain the finance flow.  They already know that they will not be able
to look after him, to give him the attention and support needed daily. This lack
of care could affect the health state of Mr Bazapaul and could be prosecuted on
the base of negligence and bad treatment. His family did not feel ashamed on
the fact that their relative will be in a health care centre and have a
disability.  We can see how education and
communication plays an important role here.

Bazapaul were placed in the health care centre will received daily care, visit
of Health professional; he will also have working session where he can express
himself in many ways, he will have leisure time, he will also develop this
autonomy. He will meet other person with same or other disabilities; this will
make him feel good to connect again to the world.

there are still some institutions that does not treat well these people with
disabilities. The services they received are very poor both in terms of medication
and support from working staff.

There are many people in
our society not limited to Mr Bazapaul case, have impairments and are disable
physically and mentally. This disability makes them vulnerable and dependent on
other for their everyday activity of living. They need special attention and
need to be protected under regulations as does a healthy person.  Regulations is being implemented to serve and
protect people, so deserve the disabled one.   We will examine some of the regulations in
the next paragraph.

The government set up
financial measure to help and support elderly and disabled person by a monthly
allowances which is voted every year in the financial budget of the country.
This grant help them to purchase their medication and daily living stuff due to
the fact that they have not a monthly revenue to support in some cases their
family or themselves because they cannot work due to their age or disabilities.
For Mr Bazapaul we can notice that his family are in line with the Article 2,
Article3 and Article 14 of the Human Right acts 1998 that every person has the
right to live and received adequate medical care and to be in a secure

We have other regulations
regarding discrimination to disabled person in the working environment and
involve in the society. I have earlier mention this act, in 2004 it has been
amended in a way where the word, Equality has a real meaning. Now person with
disability can received same services that are present for non disabled one,
barrier has been removed in organisation and this change in people attitude can
now be seen in different environment (Discrimination Disability Act 2004).

In Mauritius the
government has designed some facilities for disabled and elderly person, it the
public transport pass.  The aim of this
pass is to travel freely from any destination through the public transport of
the country. This pass is delivery by the Social Security after a series of
procedure for the disable person. They are been requested to present themselves
in front of a medical board where these professional will assess their
availability to work due to their disability. Same process is done for the
monthly allocation, where according to the percentage of their disabilities the
allocation is increase (National Pension Act, Part II, 1996)

Government subvention
also many private Health Care Institution and specialised institution that help
to make them more convenient to welcome the person with impairments and
disability. These institution works according to their impairments, help them
to develop their talents and skills in new domains.  These sessions help them to empower and
create the self confidence they have lost since they had discover their
disabilities.  During these sessions they
will be able to do things in their own way. They can express their artist,
novel writer side. 

Nowadays along with new
regulation in favour of the disable person that is the Training and Employment
of Disabled Persons Act in 1996, we can find person with physical disabilities
working as reception/front desk clerk in private and public offices and also
received training in several fields to assist them to find a suitable
employment.  The Act also provides for
the workforce of all employers having 35 or more employees to include 3% of
persons with disabilities.  The UN
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) has brought an
important paradigm shift. Today, access to training and employment is a matter
of rights, not a question of charity. Emphasis is not on the disability of the
person but on skills, competencies and abilities of persons with disabilities.  The history of Oscar Pistorius in 2012 confirms
that a disable person can be what they want to be, an artist, an Olympic sprinter
champion unless his lost his legs at 11months, he was very active in sports and
starts competition at 16years old.

The sport Act
has been amended also to give the possibility to disable person

to participate in any discipline.


In 2013 the Huffpost
Impact published on this website the 10 majorly successful people with
disabilities. As described in the article everyone has hard time to make our
lives a success but a person with disability need to try it harder, they need
to have additional strength to make their way and not been crashed by society
perception on their states.  From inventors
and CEOs to
performers and artists, here are of some of the biggest overcoming-disability-to-succeed
success stories.  Top in the list is Stephen
Hawking, physicists being diagnosed with ALS (Motor Neuron disease) when he was
21 and he can only communicate with the assistance of a compute. Followed by President
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he was a wheel chair user as he contracted polio
while drinking water at a campground and became paralyzed from the waist down
and in the sixth position there is Stevie Wonder is a musician, singer and
songwriter who was born blind. He was born six weeks early and the blood
vessels at the back of his eyes had not yet reached the front and aborted their
growth, hence his blindness. There is many more example of person with
disabilities which has been famous namely Ludwig Van Beethoven who was deaf but
great composers or even Vincent Van Gogh (Mental Illness) he has done fabulous


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