This trap. Christof is the only one who

This film reinforced my thinking on power and control, and how it can have negative effects on society. Christof is shown as the Christ or God of Seahaven, but I also think he is subtly the Christ or God of the ‘billion of people watching’. Before I watched this film, I had some understanding of how manipulation of reality and through the media could affect people. Christof is shown as the dictator of Seahaven as he is fully in control of every action that happens, when he wants to “cue the sun”, even though it’s physically impossible in the real world, the sun rises even. By the media advertising The Truman Show to the audience, the audience subconsciously felt connected to Truman, therefore keeps watching and in turn funds to economy of the show which has kept The Truman Show running for 30 years and kept Truman in his trap. Christof is the only one who has figured out the audience-show relationship, and what I find sickening is that Christof uses the media to make this relationship stronger, he is using his power and control to manipulate and dictate to audience into thinking they are connecting with Truman on a sentimental level which keeps them watching. After watching this film, I realised that the majority of our society regards the economy and entertainment of ethical things, which is evident through the actions of Christof, the actors and the audience. Christof and the actors don’t think about if keeping Truman in a trap is ethical, they think about the money it will generate for the economy. The audience think about the entertainment they’re getting, which shows the great lengths that humans will go to get entertainment. If more people acted like Sylvia and regarded the ethical side over entertainment and the economy by trying to tell Truman the truth, Truman’s outcome may have been different and he might have escaped a lot earlier and been able to live more or all of his life in the real world.


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