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This exam essay was to describe the organization where I under took my field practice training with primary focus on how the professionals in the organization collaborated as a team to work with each other, and to compare the differences between the organization and my study group in terms of strength, weakness structure and however, highlight the stage level of my study group according to Wheelan’s theory with focus on my role and participation.I undertook my 5weeks field practice training at Rapatc in the summer this year. Pondering over the experience was momentous since it enabled me to gain important and Specialised skills in social work field practice, expressly were diverse theories and social work skills was utilized in the course of working for different clients devoid of unhealthy practices such as discrimination and oppression in a manner that will increase the dignity and worth of clients(IFSW,2012). Rapatac is known to be non-profit organization since its inception in 2004 by Mr Moussa N’Diaye, the founder and chairman. The organization is situated at a safe and conducive location in Nordost for both young people and children at the heart of Gavle centrum with the focus render high quality skills and trainings to increase good up bring in areas such as helping children with schools assignments, render quality teachings to children to always take responsibilities in all areas of endeavours and conduct activities in a way to accelerate leisure hours. Thus, because of its open-door policy, it ensures that all children are accorded fair and equal treatment regardless of nationality, age, and gender. The conducive atmosphere and facilities enables children to utilize undiscovered potentials for self-growth and development with the bide to maximize opportunities.

Hence, the vison of the organization is inspired by the chairman (Mr Moussa N’Diaye), also known as the founder in collaboration with seasoned and dedicated professionals endowered with skills that works as staff of the organization. Though I worked with a team of professionals pioneering Rapatac’s project called Sustainable Nordost outside the activity centre. My experience was both working with children and Sustainable Nordost project outside the centre.

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Sustainable Nordost was geared to maintain high standard of cleanliness, living condition, security and infrastructure. Notwithstanding, the Practical experience was an eye opener as an intern with little or no knowledge about organizational structures, effective management as a leader to achieve organizational goals and objective. However, I was under the strict supervision of the Founder and boss ( Mr Moussa N’Diaye) of Rapatac as an intern student.

Observing children and activities as one of my first task in the centre in the first week of my internship opened my eyes to hierarchy and organization structure in Rapatac. Organizational structure is


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