This descriptive study was carried out in 2015 at School of Medicine, School of Engineering, and School of Economics and Administrative Sciences (SEAS) affiliated to Erinyes University. Internet addiction, which has been named ‘pathological Internet use, excessive Internet use, or inappropriate Internet use’, is yet to be defined as a disorder. The relationship between age and IAS scores was statistically significant in the study group; the risk of Internet addiction was found to be higher among students under 20 years of age.This article is on Internet use and depression among older adults.

impact of Internet use on well-being are mixed and studies are often criticized due to small samples and lack of consistency in measurement. Fewer studies have examined this issue among older adults. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between Internet use and depression among retired Americans age 50 years or older.

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Using data from the Health and Retirement Survey, the study estimates the relationship between Internet use and depression through combined use of regression and propensity score methodologies.


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