This necessitates the creation of other attributes,

This database will be used to store student’s information in a college. At any time, it should be able to accept new data and display information when called upon. For example, it must be able to give information on when a student joined the college, what course he did and when the student left the college. The entities used to develop the database are Instructor, students and course.

Let us consider the attributes of the entities:StudentsThe entity STUDENTS has the attributes StudentID, Name, Street, City, state and Pin. These attributes can be classified into two types; the direct characteristics of the entity such as the StudentID or the new relationship of the entities such as the grade that is an attribute that relates to the student, the course, and the instructor. To make the database presentable and manageable, the database associates each grade to a certain semester and year it was given. This necessitates the creation of other attributes, year, semester, and grade. Consequently, the attribute grade gets other attributes StudentID, CourseID, and InstructorID from the entities Students, Course, and Instructor respectively. These attributes are used as foreign keys. The attribute StudentID is used as the primary key since it distinguishes one student from the other. The degree to which i believe Visio diagram reflects the database design.

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Essentially, Microsoft Visio diagrams are used for illustrating concepts diagrammatically. This is because it simplifies the design of an otherwise complex system so that people can understand it. In these case, I am confident (100% sure) that the Visio diagram fully reflects the database design. This is because, before designing the Visio diagram, I carefully planned the design of the database. Entities were sought out from the database.

After this, I opened Mas Visio program and navigated to business stencils. In the business stencil, there are built in templates that you can use but I decided to build the database from scratch. The entities were first brought into focus and the relationship between them. Since database design is about entities, attributes and the relationships, I believe I did a good job in matching them; hence, I am confident the Visio file perfectly matches the database design.


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