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 This chapter is an introduction of Advertisement and thevariety of methods it withholds alongside.

I have explained what advertising iswithin the next chapter. As well as this there is information of the clothingindustry and what it has involved. I will then go on to explain my researchquestion and end of with a brief outline of this dissertation and its tiles. Thisdissertation will be focused on both high-street methods of fashion as well asdesigner brands. The fashion brand itself is determined to one clothing itemworn by both genders’ which is a pair of jeans and how they have grown andestablished throughout the years. Advertising was first introduced in 1704 as a newspaperadvertisement, seeking a buyer for an Oyster Bay, Long Island estate. This wenton to 1729 where Benjamin Franklin published the Pennsylvania Gazette inPhiladelphia which introduced room for “new advertising” (The History andEvolution of Advertising (2017).

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Background Advertising wasn’t always how you would see it to be intoday’s generation. Advertising was first invented through infomercials onradio, old fuzzy TV advertisements as well as billboards. There has been adramatic change between then and now which impact the consumer’s lives withinitself.

One of the biggest improvements for advertisements has been throughtechnology and different methods brands choose to gain their consumers trustand attention. (TheHistory and Evolution of Advertising 2017).1.

2 ClothingIndustry The clothing industry is very competitive and timesensitive. The UK fashion industry within the United Kingdom has previouslybeen worth £28 billion. £57.7 Billion was spent on clothing, accessories andfootwear in 2015 which has been estimated to increase of 12.89% between 2015and 2020 (UKfashion industry statistics & fashion retail stats).Clothing brands are segregated in to two groups whichinclude your high-street brands such as H&M, Topshop, New Look, Zara,Mango, Levi’s etc. Then you have your brands such as Louis Vuitton, Valentino,Versace, Armani, Prada.

The Clothing industry has always developed though itsbrands. Successful brands have become on going in different locations such asArmani or a high-street store such as select which is located around the UnitedKingdom. The industry itself is worth Millions due to the quality as well asquantity of clothing sold to consumers (Tell, C.



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