This case study focuses on SPOT (Spatial

This case study focuses on SPOT (Spatial Position On Transit) developed on ETA transit System with a vision to influence operations, improve on-time performance, safety, and capacity, while greatly enhancing rider experience and overall reporting efficiency. SPOT system has some challenges that we aimed to improve. SPOT is one of the largest company that supports local transit operations mainly universities that are in the rural area, shuttles and is used heavily in UK public transportation as well; indeed, as of today, the company has 48 clients in its portfolio across the US among which universities, amusement parks, hospitals etc. Compared to other transit system, SPOT is one of the cheapest transit system providers in the US.

It is a subscription-based service and cost $29 per month for each bus line. The payment is required for the organization, but free for users of the app such as students. The implementation is very easy and may take as little as 10 weeks for the system to be fully implemented. It operates on an open architecture platform, and new capabilities are added on the system on a regular basis.

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SPOT seems great; however, there are some drawbacks. After thorough research, there is consensus that SPOT can be improve greatly and be much cheaper for their clients. Hence, there is an opportunity to explore affordability of the system through introduction of new features which will help reduce the cost for the client based. company has always been good at improving its system and adding new features since its deployment; however, the application has major issues such as high demand in bandwidths and inaccuracy of the ETA time calculation. After identifying the challenges, we saw an opportunity to explore Wireless network, GPS technology, and API.

The primary objective of this project is to achieve a simple system for the user and ensure accuracy for a better experience for the rider.


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