This case is about the situations and competitive challenges faced by Nirmal Kumar who is a social entrepreneur, the traumatic experience of overcharging that he had with an auto during his MBA days, motivated him to hunt for a solution. Thus, with his limited resources, he organized the good auto drivers and created G- auto.

He initially started off with 15 autos in 2009 and went up to 10,000 autos in 2013. The services provided by him proved to be efficient para transit alternative and was safe. He further gained assistance from political agendas and financial assistance from Reliance. He further distinguished his services into three categories namely, service ATR, airport express and heritage express. He also provided training to the auto drivers on mannerism and skill development.

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He further expanded and diversified into under skilled job market with Nirmal Job Bazaar and fruit and vegetable supply chain with Farm2Door. Thus, within a short span of 4 years Kumar had successfully explored three different business domains. He played a commendable role in society by grouping auto drivers for a social cause.


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