This article, written by Carol S. Dweck, opened

This article, written by Carol S.

Dweck, opened my eyes to an important topic I’ve never thought twice about; especially with my own kids. Brainology talks about fixed mindset vs. growth mindset and how the 1990’s was a time where praise and building self-esteem was thought to give children the confidence needed to succeed.Growth mindset reflects on the fact that your intelligence can be developed, and you can grow your ability to learn. During the study done on the kids entering 7th grade, Dweck found that students with this mindset wanted to learn and weren’t just interested in how smart they came across to others.

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This played a part in their idea of effort as well. They realized that the harder you work, the more you can grow.The study was also done with the fixed mindset point of view. In that same study it was realized that the kids wouldn’t accept learning opportunities because it would basically be degrading to their intelligence.

It would put them in a situation where they would think that if they didn’t know


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