This for multiple sclerosis (MS) is unspecific and

This article talks about the current treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) is unspecific and is not the most ideal neural protection against MS (Itoh et al., 2017, p. E302).

Because MS by definition is multifocal, the alterations in gene expression that takes place across the central nervous system (CNS) during neurological diseases do not focus on the diversity of cell types from one CNS region to another and are intricated by modifications in cellular make-up during disease (Itoh et al., 2017, p. E302). Using RiboTag technology to regulate changes in gene expression in a cell and region distinct process during a multifocal neurological disease with the MS preclinical model, experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) (Itoh et al.

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, 2017, p. E203). Astrocytes were the prime focus, since both positive and negative functions of astrocytes have been exhibited in neuroinflammatory diseases such as EAE and MS which astrocyte-specific RNAs from regions that vary in neuroanatomy were obtained (Itoh et al., 2017, p.

E303). When comparing astrocytes from the spinal cord, cerebellum, cerebral cortex and hippocampus from EAE-activated gene expression showed differences between varying neuroanatomical regions when arranged and using computer programming analyses (Itoh et al., 2017, p. E303). In addition, the possible function of cholesterol produced by astrocytes during EAE and MS was explored (Itoh et al., 2017, p.

E303-E304). Because there were reduced expression of cholesterol producing genes in top gene pathways whereas gene expression in astrocytes increased in immune pathways (Itoh et al., 2017, p. E304-E305).

Collectively, this supports the researchers’ hypothesis that using a cell and region distinct gene expression method can give possible treatment targets in different neuroanatomical regions during multifocal neurological diseases (Itoh et al., 2017, p. E307-308).


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