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This article published by Azreen Jihan and Rosidah Musa in 2013.

This study aims to identify the factors considered in making a decision to consume a cosmetic product. Focus groups are used to collect a broad qualitative understanding of perceptions from two different groups which is user and nonuser of halal cosmetics product. This study also wants to explore and accumulate the information regarding the issues that attribute Halal brands for cosmetics products and to classify the belief and suggestion from the young adult Muslim female groups from the urban area (Klang Valley). Based on the result halal ingredient issue give a big impact to consuming cosmetics product from both focus group. Most people look for the ingredient or content before deciding to purchase the product. However, the result proves that the level of awareness on halal cosmetics is low because most of the respondent said that Halal is not the main factor that both respondents considered before buy a cosmetic product. The brand name of halal cosmetics is the main role that influences the consumer to believe that the product is halal and the manufacturers are from Muslims.

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The impact of this research shown that the awareness of halal cosmetics is poor since halal is not a priority to the respondent.


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