This be presented as an added value, but

This article is A Case Study of Two Cameroonian schools.

The main purpose of this study was exploring the scope and nature of the pedagogic use of ICT, this pedagogic may influence the growth of the learners. The impact of the use of ICT as a pedagogical tool and the role school principals and parents play in enhancing the use of ICT in the pedagogy. In the process of surfacing questions and procedures for the collection of data this research was involve. It tries to examine the pedagogic use of ICT in a school system involves the teaching and the learning process. It was clear that from this study, ICT cannot be presented as an added value, but it is needed to build a connection between pedagogy and the content for the good flow of teaching.

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According to the finding from the study, it can be concluded that the pedagogic use of ICT has been influence by the availability of the tool, duration of the lessons, physical class structure, the students and teachers attitude, teacher´s own knowledge, class´s cultural diversity, student socio-economic conditions, school leadership style, community perception about ICT. The contents were very useful as guide for the future educators that may use in the field of teaching.


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