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This area clarifies the post-race phase of the electoral cycle is having the consequent subordinates whereupon were addressed: Vote count: secured tallying stations; the outcomes were declared immediately; the worldwide; the household race screens were confined; race screens were limited; the votes were tallied reasonably; Post-election: competitors/parties stood up to the results; the decision prompted quiet challenges; the race caused fierce dissents; any conflicts were unfaltering through lawful channels; Electoral authority: the race specialists were unbiased; the race experts performed well; the specialists circulated data to subjects; the experts permitted open investigation of their execution26 . The given perception of electoral integrity questionnaire is suitable to analyze the integrity of an election. Therefore, it satisfactorily shelters the stages of the electoral cycle.

Thus,21 Norris P, Frank R, & Martínez I Coma F, Measuring Electoral Integrity around the World: A New Dataset. PS: Political Science and Politics, 47(4), 2014, 789-798. Retrieved from ( Last accessed 23.04.2018.22 The Perception of Electoral Integrity Questionnaire.

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( Last accessed 03/05/2018.

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20during election observation missions, the electoral observers often use these measurements. However, some of the measures might not smear to the Nigerian electoral circumstances, for instance, the boundaries did not seem fundamental to the 2015 general elections particularly after the argument it produced ensuing endeavors by INEC to make extra ballot units. However, it influences the utilization of the most applicable ones to identify


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