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Thirteen Reasons WhyIntroductionThirteen Reasons Why is a fictional serious that tackles many challengers in real world issues taking a look at substance abuse, sexual assault, and suicide. Thirteen reason why tells us the story of Clay Jenson and Hannah Baker’s. a girl who took her own life. Two weeks later Clay Jenson returns back home from school to a surprise to find a package on his bed.

He was curious to open the package so he decides to open the package immediately and he saw seven cassette tapes labelled side A and B from one up to seven. Then he got the cassette tapes and placed it in a cassette player to find out what the tapes where about. After playing the first tape he discovers that the tapes were recorded by Hannah Baker, a girl that he went to school with who recently committed suicide. Her instructions in the tapes where clear, each person who receives the tape you have to follow the instruction in the tapes that she recorded and which person you receive the tapes you are one of the reason why she committed the suicide. Each person who has complete listening to the tapes, they must pass the tapes to the next person in the recorded cassette which Hannah Baker had called his or her name next, if anyone in that tape names where mentioned decides to break the chain, a separate set of tapes will spread to the Public.

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(Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018)BodyThe first person or the reason in the first tape was to Justin Foley, Hannah Baker’s first kiss. She tells the story of her after meeting Justin Foley in a playground in their little town and she also describe how she felted after her first kiss with Justin Foley. Justin had told his friends that he and Hannah had more happened in the park, and the news spread in the school where everyone who had that story where calling Hannah Baker a slut for the rest of her high school life. At this point Clay’s pauses, the tapes and go to his friend Tony’s house where he can borrow his cassette player so that he can continue with listen to the tapes and to the places where Hannah Baker has mentioned in the tapes. Before her death she dropped copies of a map in each lockers of the people whose names are in the tape. (Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018)In the second tape Hannah Baker tells the story of her and Alex Standall, who has a list of Hannah freshman year in high school that confirmed that Hannah was the prettiest girl during their era in high school in their class. In that tape she explains that the title led to a boy in school assaulted her in a local candy shop, one of her feelings of anxiety after being called as a slut.(Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018)The third tape Hannah Baker tells the story of her and Jessica Davis, was a new to the high school during the freshman year, and it was the same here that Hannah and parents moved to the town.

Jessica and Hannah were introduced by the guidance counselor of the new high school they both attended the counselor was guiding them to adjust to the new school and new environment. Hannah never considered Jessica Davis and Alex Standell as her friends, which three of them where new in that high school, even Hannah spends time with both of them. Jessica and Alex dated and broke up. After best ass incident, Jessica was forefended that Alex chose Hannah over her, and both Jessica and Hannah stopped talking to each other. Jessica was so depressed and made up stories and spread rumors around that Hannah Baker was a slut. (Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018)The forth tapes tells us the story of Tyler Down, who is a photographer of the school’s year book, and he stalked Hannah outside of her bedroom window and he took pictures of her.

In that tape she also state’s a girl which didn’t called her name which Hannah knew slightly well, and whose help her enlist to catch the peeping Tom. She also tells the story of an unnamed girl decided to give Tyler a show, first asking Hannah to give her a back message and then exclaiming over nonexistent sex toys that she found in Hannah’s drawer. Hannah felt disrupted by Tyler as her privacy had been infringed on, but she moves on to tells the story of the unnamed girl.

(Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018)The fifth tape tells the story of Courtney Crimsen, in this tape Hannah described her feelings towards Courtney. Following the incident with Tyler, However Hannah began to feel that she was being ignored by Courtney, and even when Courtney invited her to a party she still felt suspicious. Courtney abandoned her at the party, and later Hannah herself finds out that Courtney was spreading rumors about Hannah’s drawer. (Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018)The sixth tape tells the story of Marcus Cooley; this tape is not long as the other tapes in the story. Marcus who Hannah matched with in a set of school Valentines. He showed up late to a date for ice cream that she organized, and then molested her in a booth at the diner where they had met. (Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018)The seventh tape tells the story of Zach Dempsey.

Which Hannah explains that they attended Peer Communication class together, there was some bag at the back of the classroom, student could leave compliments for each other. After she was assaulted during the diner with Marcus, Zach comforted her. Nevertheless, she finds out that Zach was removing notes from her bag. At this point Hannah felt depressed again for what Zach did to her. The action that Zach did add to the feeling depressed worse again. She also tells the story that she had enough and was going commit suicide. No one in the class has taken the note she wrote seriously.

(Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018)The eighth tape tells the story of Ryan Shaver, who she attended poetry class with him while Hannah was so depressed. They both share their poetry together, Hannah poems was all about her which she needed someone to share her thoughts and feelings with later Ryan published some of Hannah’s in his magazine which made Hannah lost trust in him. (Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018)The ninth tape tells the story of Clay Johnson; who Hannah definitely shouldn’t have called his name in the list.

She adds that clay was honestly nice boy she had ever come across too. She explains that they were at a party together, very close to the end of her life, when everything was spiraling out of control. (Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018) The tenth tape tells the story of Justin again. Hannah talks more about that night of the party, that Justin allowed his friends to enter a room where a drunk, unconscious girl was laying and one of the drunk boys raped that girl. In this tape Hannah did not call the names of the person who raped the girl, all the blame said was to Justina because Justina allowed them in the room at the first place.

They had long conversation and these made them knew each other well, Hannah wished that she had gotten to know earlier. (Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018)The eleventh tape tells the story of Jenny Kurtz, who always gave a ride home to Hannah after party and bumped into the stop sign. Later, a car crash happened at intersection due to the sign board was not there, and a senior at Hannah’s high school was killed in the accident. The day of his funeral led Hannah to start thinking about her own funeral.

(Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018)The twelfth tape is about Bryce Walker, who sexually assaulted Hannah in a hot tub during a party a friend’s house before Hannah was leaving the party to go home. (Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018)The last tape which is the thirteen tells the story of Mr. Porter, an English teacher at the high school and also a counselor, which he did not play his role as counselor. feelings of depression and isolation, and he did nothing to help her. Mr. Potter didn’t play his part as counselor to help Hannah overcome those issues but he didn’t have any good response to Hannah which made her to take her own life away. (Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018)Conclusion As the tapes where playing Clay Johnson walks to every location that Hannah had mentioned in the tapes, which made Clay to feel more and more depressed as he goes on by putting himself in the shoes of Hannah Baker.

By the end of the tapes Clay Johnson feels as a changed person, and the novel ends with him addressing a student named Skye, who he sees behaving like Hannah, actually preventing another suicide. (Thirteen Reasons Why, 2018)In these novel Hannah baker share here story with us that how she experienced life in high school where many of face this challenges in life. She shares her story because she doesn’t want anyone would end up life her taking their own life. Reference……Thirteen Reasons Why. (1999 – 2018).

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