Thirteen colonies Garrison mach krebs Britain failed Britain was the world super power at the time, therefore religion was one if not the biggest push factors of britain that led people out of britain.Government played an intriguing role in pushing people out of Europe as well as well pushing people in North American 13 colonies.The economy in europe at the time was not the greatest at the time considering that people where trying to escape from the religious persecution.People didn’t like that because their family was being killed and people wasn’t allowed to have land.If people had land it was because it was owned by the queen or government.

people left britain and came to the colonies because they were being persecuted and judged for their religion and belief.Britain also embellished slavery. Britain failed because North America on the other hand was has handing out land to the people who had children and families.Britain failed to expand their empire by sending people here to expand but ended up taking land off the market.

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And ended up giving the world a new superpower The U.S Although we don’t know what happened to the settlers on roanoke island. Therefore those settler’s went missing brittan still gave a new country a life North America.Britain also failed to win the revolutionary war that divided the U.

S. and brittanEconomy also played a big role in the thirteen colonies.For instance during the settlement britain sent more women so that the settlers would be happier.


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