Thirdly, Charlie because the trend in the

Thirdly, Karim completely excludes religion from the construction of his identity as he has no a definite religion and he cannot say that he is a Muslim: “I thought I is one of the first people in history to find all religion childish and inexplicable”( Kureishi 212).

Finally, the issue of sexuality is also important for determining the personality as a whole with all its desires. Karim’s sexual identity is as hybrid and confusing as his ethnic background. This is because he does not have exact visions of his sexual orientation, he is neither heterosexual, nor homosexual, that is he has sexual relations with both sexes and nurtures romantic feelings for Charlie because the trend in the British society at that period is the homosexuality. Consequently, all the previous aspects make up Karim’s hybrid identity more complex and unstable. (Ellingsen 51-52 ; Cleven 23 ).To conclude, it is obvious that Karim’s identity is a mixed deviation of the British and Indian traditions with reference to the fact that the British customs and traditions are close to Karim because he is brought up to the British society, surrounded by them and his background of the Indian culture is limited. So, Karim, with his belief of “otherness” in the British society, he asserts his Englishness, to explore at the end a new sort of a British man.

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This reveals a new vision for the concept of Britishness in post-war Britain.


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