Book andpower. Okonkwo continued to be mean and

Book Report02/11/05 Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart is about different traditional village cultures in Africa.

It also speaks about the British who try and take over thevillage by introducing his religion and making it the higher and better religion.Okonkwo is the narrator of the story.The novel setting is in a small villagecalled Umofia which is located in the southeastern part of Nigeria and it isin the late nineteenth century.Man verses Man is the conflict that is seenin this novel. Okonkwo is the main character in the novel.

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He is a hard working farmer, wrestler, and clan leader who has several children with three wives.Okonkwo is afraid of being a failure like his father.Because of this, his behavior towards others is mean.In the novel it explains how Okonkwois a man filled with anger and violence.

At the end of the story Okonkwokills himself.This shows that he has let the violent part of him down andhas become insecure and crazy.I did not like this character because ofhis mean actions. Nwoye is Okonkwo's oldest son.He is very lazy and following inhis grandfathers footsteps.

Okonkwo is ashamed of him.The book showshow Nwoye still shows a feminine side when he likes to hear his mothersstories.In the end, Nwoye stops trying to please his father and finds peacein another religion with the British missionaries that have invaded the village. In one part of the book, Okonkwo accidentally kills a boy and he andhis family is bannished from the village with his home and field burnedto keep away bad luck.He must stay away for seven years.Okonkwois troubled by this because he is a man who wants only wealth andpower.

Okonkwo continued to be mean and nasty but this made itworse. The missionaries trying to take over the village to make their religionthe primary.

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