Throughout the Christian faith their religiousbeliefs are so

Throughout History there has been a desire for main stream white cultureto explore and expand to new areas with many different objetives in mind.Many were looking for new lands that had untold riches while others werespreading cultural or religious beliefs in an attemped to gain support fortheir beliefs.

Some times this was a welcomed addiction to foreignsocieties bring them new technologies and ideas to improve there life. Butit was just as likely that these new additions to their culture andsociety would have a negative effect causing many peoples lives to bechanged for ever. Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe was a perfect exampleof what effect new ideas and technology can have on societies that havebeen isolated for generations and have created a unique culture andsociety because of it.

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There were many changes that occured when whiteexplores came to Niger.UmuofiaMbantu and the other local clans have been living in an isolatedsociety and culture for generations giving them plenty of time to adaptedand live in there envornment efficently. They had developed manydifferent religious beliefs that were different from the white Christianculture that settled the area."You say that there is one supreme God who made heaven and earth," saidAkunna on one of Mr. Brown's visits. " We also believe in Him and callHim Chukwu.

He made all the world and the other gods." (Achebe, 179).Even when trying to understand the Christian faith their religiousbeliefs are so ingrained that they create cominalities that are notreally there. Akunna continues to talk about how the many gods theyworship are helpers of Chukwu because he can not do everything alone. Butthat is were the problem is. By creating these gods to help Chukwu theyare creating false ideals to worship witch is against the christian faithbecause they strictly believe in one God. " There are no other gods,"saud Mr.

Brown. " Chukwu is the only God and all others are false. Youcarve a piece of wood-like that one and you call it a god. But it isstill a piece of wood." (Achebe 179). I find this conversation in thebook to be very interesting and can show many differences in theirculture.

First Mr. Brown keeps trying to explain Akunna how theirrealigion is wrong and not logical. But Akunna keeps trying to explainhow even though they are different they have things in common. To me thisshows how the white setlers felt that their religion is the right one andeveryone else is wrong. I believe this is a big motive in the spread ofthe missionaries and white european culture. This is not only limited toreligion but can be seen in white explores attitude twords foriegncultures and societies in general.There were many other parts of the local clans society that were changedby white setlers.

They created a court system and a government to keeporder and enforce the laws. "But apart from the church , the white menhad also brought a government. They had built a court where the DistrictCommissioner judged cases..

." (Achebe 174). The white explores arestarting to take over. Now they can better control not only the peoplethat do not believe in them but they people.

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