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Here are some form and style tips: (a) Limit the abstract to one typed page; (b) maintain the scholarly language used throughout the thesis; (c) keep the abstract concise, accurate, and readable; (d) use correct English; (e) ensure each sentence adds value to the reader’s understanding of the research; and (f) use the full name of any acronym used again in the abstract, and include the acronym in parentheses. Do not include references or citations in the abstract.Per PAP style, unless at the start of a sentence, use numerals in the abstract, not written out numbers. For more guidance on writing this paragraph, consult the Abstract Primer (available at http://researchers. Walden. Du/).

BBS , (university], X [name of program] Dedication This is an optional page for a dedication. If you include a dedication, use regular paragraph spacing as shown here (not centered, italicized, or otherwise formatted). If you do not wish to include this page, delete the heading, the body text, and the page break below the end of the text.Acknowledgments This is an optional page for acknowledgments. It is a nice place to thank the faculty, family members, and friends who have helped you reach this point in your academic career. No page number appears on any of the pages up to this point. If you do not wish to include this page, delete the heading and the body text; if a blank page remains, delete the page break above but leave the section break that you see below this text. Table of ContentsList of Tables ii List of Figures iii Chapter 1: Chapter Title (Level O Heading)l PAP Level 1 Heading 1 PAP Level 2 Heading 1 Chapter 2: Chapter Title 3 First Heading 3 Chapter 3: Chapter Title 4 First Heading 4 Chapter 4: This Chapter Appears in Public Health and Some psychology Theses 5 First Headings Chapter 5: This Chapter Appears in Public Health and Some Psychology Theses 7 First Heading 7 References 8 Appendix A: Title of Appendix 9 Curriculum Vitae 10 Use this table of contents (TCO) as an example of what one looks like.

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When it comes time for creating your own TCO, RIGHT CLICK anywhere in the Table Of intents, select UPDATE HELD, then select UPDATE ENTIRE TABLE or UPDATE PAGE NUMBERS ONLY, and click K. The table of contents will be generated using the style tags from the template; you will also be able to automatically update the TCO, both added headings and page numbers. Sit of Tables Table 1. A Sample Table Showing Correct Formatting 5 When you update the list of tables, the table number and title will come in without a period between them; you will need to manually add that period after all table numbers, as shown for Table 1 .In addition, the title will retain he italics from the narrative when the List of Tables is updated. Once your list is finalized, select the entire list and change it all plain type. List of Figures Figure 1. Figure caption goes here xx The List of Figures is not set up to automatically update.

If you have figures in your document, type them in manually here, following the example above. Chapter 1 : Chapter Title (Level O Heading ) PAP Level 1 Heading Begin text here. PAP Level 2 Heading Place your text here; when placing your cursor on this text, you will see in the style menu that this paragraph is tagged “Body Text. That means it will automatically appear double-spaced with the first line indented, per Walden style.

Note that in the 6th edition of the PAP manual, two character spaces are used between sentences. You can find the style menu in Word 2007 by clicking on the Home tab on the standard toolbar; Styles is one of the choices you will see. Click on the arrow icon on the right side of the Styles bar, and the drop-down menu of styles will appear. In Word 2003, look in the upper left corner of your screen, on the formatting toolbar, for the drop-down style menu.To apply this template’s formatting to the text of your paper, simply gaslight the paragraph(s) or heading you want to format, and choose the appropriate tag from the style menu. The list of style tags includes all levels of headings, block quotes, table and figure captions, references, and body text.

PAP level 3 heading. Text begins here . PAP level 4 heading . Text begins here. The following is an example oaf block quote: This is an example of a block quote. Now is the time to do the work that needs to be done. This is an example of a block quote. Now is the time to do the work that needs to be done.

This is an example of a block quote. Now s the time to do the work that needs to be done. This is an example of a block quote.

Now is the time to do the work that needs to be done. (Author, date, p. #) If you make a mistake and something changes that you didn’t want to change, in Word 2007, either type CTR (Control key) z or, on the Quick Access toolbar, next to Save, click on the arrow icon for undo. In Word 2003, go to Edit, Undo Typing. As you continue to develop your thesis in this template, use the instructions in Comments 10 10th to add new headings and new text. For guidance on the content of the thesis, go to the ResearchCenter website (http://researchers. Walden.

Du/Office-of-Student- Research-Support. HTML) and look under the thesis process documents for the appropriate rubric for your type of study. For guidance on PAP style rules, go to the Writing Center website (http://hereinafter. Walden. Du/PAP.

HTML), or consult the Form and Style sections of the Thesis Guidebook on the Research Center website or at http://catalog. Walden. Du/. The 201 0 version reflecting the PAP 6th edition changes will be posted in February 2010. Chapter 2: Chapter Title First Heading Insert text here.Refer to the appropriate rubric for the contents of this chapter. Report the literature in past tense, as in Jones (2003) argued, not Jones (2003) argues.

Refer to the rubric for guidance on the content of sections in this chapter. Here are Some additional tips for presenting data in vertical list form. 1.

In the body of your paper, use this format when presenting information as a vertical list. 2. When the order of the items in the list is important, use a numbered list. Use a billeted vertical list when you do not need to indicate a certain order or chronology. This is an example oaf billeted list.It follows the same format as for a numbered list, with the bullet point indented the same as a paragraph indent.

Chapter 3: Chapter Title Refer to the appropriate rubric for guidance on the content of sections in this chapter. Chapter 4: This Chapter Appears in Public Health and Some Psychology Theses First Heading chapter. This is an example of a table in PAP style (see Table 1). Table 1 A Sample Table Showing Correct Formatting Column A Column B Column C Column D Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 ROW 4 Note .

From “Attitudes Toward Dissertation Editors,” by W. Student, 2008, Journal of Academic Optimism, 98, p. 1. Reprinted with permission. This is an example of a figure labeled per PAP style. Note that the label is placed under the figure itself. As with tables, refer to the figure by number in the narrative text preceding the placement of the figure (see Figure 1). [place figure here] Figure 1.

This is a sample of a figure caption. References Insert References here. Examples of some common types of references follow; see PAP 6. 22 and Chapter 7 for more details. These sample entries are tagged with the “PAP Reference” style tag, which means the line spacing ND hanging indent are automatic.Apply the “PAP Reference” style tag to your entries.

Pay special attention to italics, capitalization, and punctuation. The style tag does not govern those aspects of the entry. Periodical (journal) Author, A. A. , Author, B. B. , & Author, C.

C. (1994). Title of article. Title of Periodical, xx(x), xx-xx. Online periodical (journal) Author, A.

A.. Author, B. 8. , & Author, C. C.

(1994). Title of article. Title of Periodical, xx(x), xx-xx. DOI:xix Nonpolitical (book) Author, A. A. (1994). Title of work.

City of Publication, SST: publisher. Chapter in book Author, A.A. , & Author, B. B.

(1994). Title of chapter. In A. Editor, B. Editor, & C. Editor (Des.

), Title of book (up. xx-xx). City, SST: Publisher. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition, Chapter 7, includes numerous examples of reference list entries. For more information on references or PAP style, consult the PAP website or the Walden Writing Center website. Appendix A: Title of Appendix Insert appendix here.

Appendices are ordered with letters rather than numbers. If there is only one appendix, the heading has no letter, justAppendix: Title of Appendix. The appendices must adhere to the same margin specifications as the body of the dissertation. Photocopied or previously printed material may have to be shifted on the page or reduced in size to fit within the area bounded by the margins. Fifth only thing in an appendix is one table, the table title serves as the title of the appendix; no label is needed for the table itself. If you have text in addition to a table or tables in an appendix, label the table with the letter of the appendix (e.

G. , Table AY, Table AY, Table Bal , and so on).

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