Thesis his personal goals. 3) Think about themes

Thesis Iago, throughout the play, uses the other characters as his chessmen to conquer his personal goals. 3) Think about themes or a theme connected to/associated with the characterUsing people for his own benefits. No doubt, Iago manipulates the situation to convince Othello that his wife is unfaithful with CassioWhen Cassio and Desdemona are merely talking, Iago leads Othello to the scene. As Othello looks before his eyes Iago encourages his thoughts to think of the worst outcome possible.When Iago Replies he uses hesitation as he speaks.

This causes Othello to question what Iago is really saying. With Othello’s insistence, Iago gives in and expresses his dislike of Cassio and Desdemona talking to one another: Iago replies instantly which shows him that he really wants to say something but he doesnt know if he should. Othello tell him to spit it out and he expresses his dislike of Cassio and Desdemona quote”Ha! I don’t like that.

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” (p. 119)- When Othello questions Iago in saying, “What did you say?” (p. 119) Iago begins scheming. Iago pretends to be hesitant in his accusations: “Nothing, my lord.”(p. 119)- Artfully and cleverly, Iago is causing Othello to think that Cassio and his wife should not be talking.When Cassio realizes that Othello is coming, he quickly leaves the sceneShowing Othello that their is bound to be some suspicion. Iago comments about Cassio quickly fleeing from the scene: “I cannot believe, That he would steal away so guiltily, Seeing you coming.

” (p. 119)Cassio is tricked into getting drunk. After he gets drunk he gets in a fight with Roderigo Othello release him from a lieutenant position. Once Cassio is being helped by Desdemona  Othello starts to get nervous. “She deceived her father by marrying you;”(p.

49)Iago is a crafty manipulatorHe definitely causes Othello to question Desdemona’s loyalty to him and his marriage. Iago could be looked at as rude for bad mouthing Desdemona but he makes it clear to Othello that he is only talking bad about Desdemona since he would hate to see Othello’s love come down. “I hope you will consider that what I have spoken Comes from my love;” (p. 133)4) You may write out a thesis sentence and a conclusion sentence, and 3 quotations from the play, and key words/notes only for body paragraph ideas (no sentences).From beginning to end Iago moves the characters of Othello as if they were chessmen.

He uses their individual aspirations and passions to motivate them to whatever devious plan he desires.


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