These negatively affected the public’s health and

These shifts in our eating patterns have negatively affected the public’s health and continues to do so. Deaths and disability are resulting from unhealthy diet patterns and physical inactivity. Several diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke are being linked with poor diet characterized by excess trans-fat, added sugars, and sodium consumption.  Because of the many consequences that nationwide dietary patterns have posed to society, the government has initiated measures to prevent the continuous deterioration of the public’s eating habits. Under different leaderships, the government has introduced policies related to national dietary guidelines, regulation of food marketing, food labeling, and food pricing in an attempt to combat the increasing health issues. Considering the significant influences that these policies have on every consumer, it is not a surprise that people have emerged with views of their own. New York University Professor Marion Nestle, among others, believes that the government should implement food policies to address the growing health issue. On the other hand, there are those who agree with Brian Wansink, Cornell University Professor, who claims that government intervention in response to the issue is intrusive, ineffective, and therefore, unnecessary. My own view is that the government should implement policies to combat our nation’s growing health problem, however, the concerns of both perspectives on the issue should be carefully considered in order to provide a form of intervention that is convenient to all concerned.

The dietary patterns of people in this country have significantly changed throughout the years. We now consume greater amounts of processed foods that have low levels of nutrients. Moreover, these processed foods often come in large portion sizes, which in turn, promotes overconsumption. Diets have shifted to where we consume amounts of sodium, added sugars, and unhealthy fats that go beyond the amounts that are recommended. More importantly, as we consume more of the unhealthy foods and beverages, we incorporate the high-nutrient foods such as coarse grains and vegetables into our diets less.

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