There’s Web. 9 Mar. 2018, he states that

There’s many effects in globalization on air pollution in china and I want the readers to understand why its happening and why its bad for people that live in small cities. Although china is the fast growing economy there are pros and cons for its economic growth. I strongly agree that globalization affects us but in a good way.

A pro for economic growth is if a country has higher capital income the population has a better standard of living because of goods and services. Another is global trade, countries that do not have the supplies that are needed will look to another country that is willing to make a trade of will buy the supplies from them. If global trade wasn’t allowed people wouldn’t get the things they need such as clothes, phones or companies would not have sources such as machinery.

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Lower employment in an economy is an advantage because there’s more employment opportunity for people.A con of economic growth is the bad air pollution that’s brought in economies. For example china, china has the worst air pollution and its bad for the economy. In Howard-McGuire, Duncan. “Air pollution in Chinese Cities.” 7 November 2013, Web.

9 Mar. 2018, he states that The main reason why the air pollution in china is bad because of all “the burning of fossil fuels for electricity and energy, in particular coal for electricity is the main reason why the pollution in china is the worst.” In his article he also states that china is the largest energy consumer and producer in the world, and that 69% of its total energy came from the burning if coal. In china there are the burning of coal fired plants are responsible and the energy released from it is all throughout the city of china.

While taking this lesson I’ve learned a lot and one of those things is that pollution in china’s city is bad because of all the global trade and or the producers who make products that other countries need. The oxygen of smog comes from manufacturing factories, exhausts of motor vehicles etc. The air quality is bad for the people that live in the city and can harm them, they can get sick or maybe die for in hailing all the smog and chemicals that’s in the air. People can start dying and the population in the city will decrease.In conclusion globalization has effected china’s largest city in the worst way and effect may people that live in the city.

There are also pros and cons to economic growth and i’m more on the side of where economic growth is a good thing and to other people it may appear bad.


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