There were also times where

There were also times where I had to be a persuasive manager when resistance to decisions was significant. Teams needed to understand why decisions were made and needed that level of buy in because further changes arising from these decisions would be more impactful. Having the seed of understanding allowed further changes to be implemented with less resistance. Finally once a level of understanding was achieved with the team I could switch to a democratic management style so that the team felt that they had real control over the improvements to the service.

I used this style mainly for more aesthetic decisions for example I held a team meeting where staff could bring and discuss their ideas for the decoration of the service. By having a level of control over this decision I encouraged ideas that had be thought of in the past but never suggested for fear of rejection. By committee myself and the staff team came up with a strategy for improvement to the environment, which when actioned gave staff a feeling of wellbeing and sense of satisfaction that they could have a level of control over the improvements to the service.

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