There political organization that reaches out to citizens

There was a time in history when the Americans and the British saw the world very differently. At one point, Americans decided they wanted a distinctly American form of English, with more sensible spelling conventions and a more practical vocabulary. Whether or not that has actually happened is still a matter of debate.

Either way, this linguistic movement generated an abundance of words which are spelled differently in British and American English, but which nevertheless carry identical meanings. The news organization was known for its objective reporting.I am being fined by the homeowner’s organization for not mowing my lawn.Kelly is part of a political organization that reaches out to citizens who don’t regularly vote.Abernathy was part of many student organizations in college, but he never attended any meetings.The average member of the public may have little idea that any of this is going on, but the Francophonie organization takes the issue so seriously that no sooner does one Olympics end than it starts negotiating the terms of the next one.

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