There through the three basic patterns of

There are many ways that Cultural
Diffusion is present in the United States today. New sources and cultural
elements in our society have been incorporated for over two and half centuries.
Whether moments of these have had an adverse effect in our society or negative,
its undeniable that throughout US history Cultural Diffusion has left and will
continue to leave a strong influence in the United States. As the maturation of
the United States progressed each region also began to develop its own identity
whether it was through the three basic patterns of diffusion; direct contact,
intermediate contact, and stimulus diffusion. Three examples of cultural
features that have been diffused from other cultures throughout the world (not
invented by our own culture) I will be describing are Yoga, Chinese food into
American Society, and the celebration of Cinco De Mayo (a landmark victory
leading to the overall Mexican independence from the French Empire).


significance of Cultural Diffusion and Yoga dates to the late 1970’s to early
1980’s in the United States. It found its roots around 5,000-years ago which
promotes a structure of spiritual and physical practices originating in India,
which includes principles of philosophy, meditation, breath work, lifestyle and
behavior ethics, and physical exercise. For many purposes, Yoga offers a
plethora of mind and body benefits for American making it a billion-dollar
industry and participants in the millions. Thus, enabling Americans to continue
to practice this form of healthy ancient culture from the Indians.

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the Chinese population began to grow throughout the United States, more and
more Chinese restaurants have also expanded. Enabling the expression of Chinese
culture through food to share with Americans. Of the many reasons Chinese food
has developed such popularity is the love of Chinese cuisine, such as stir fry,
lo mien, fried rice, and especially egg rolls. 


we have Cinco de Mayo, celebrated on the 5th of May every year
across all of the United States. Many Americans have a misconception that Cinco
de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day, in which its celebrated Sept. 16. Cinco
de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory over the French Empire at the Battle of
Puebla May 5, 1862. Because of the United States large Mexican population, over
recent years the observation of Cinco De Mayo celebration has shown it being
celebrated in the United States than in Mexico. Ultimately celebrating the
success in independence and culture of Mexico. 


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