There seems to be a problem of humans

There seems to be a problem of humans living together with wild animals in Singapore with the increasing number of shocking cases such as wild monkeys entering people’s house for food and encountering wild boars in unexpected places.

The number of reports being made have been increasingly tremendously between 2014 and the first 9 months of 2017.The cause might be because of the massive number of trees in Singapore, holding the world’s largely filled greenery with percentage of more than 30% which outnumbers Sydney and Vancouver by a percentage of 4.1%. According to both articles, affiliation with wild animals could improve if we, humans, would not overreact instead, react calmly and slowly back away from the animals, making sure to not aggravate or agitate them. We should also prevent from supplying them with food as the animals have the capability of sourcing for food and their diet helps the environment.However, there would be difficulty solving this problem.

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Most Singaporeans are used to feeding wild animals even though signs have been put up around the lifts of HDB houses, I still witness people feeding pigeons and cats. The number of people feeding wild or stray animals have surely decreased after the posters have been put up but this issue most probably would not be solved soon as most people will just give the animals food out of fear, for instance, when the monkeys ape up to the window of one’s house, in that moment, one might think that by giving food to the monkey, they would keep them away and the monkey will not come again but little do they know, it is the wrong solution.While the articles show how one can improve relations with wild animals, I personally think that it would take a very long time to improve relations between man and animals as one needs to know how to react when encountering a wild animal and this needs to be taught from young, so it will be an instinct to know what to do instead of scaring the animals.


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