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There are a couple of similarities between BPD and APD. The similarities are based mainly on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment approaches, etc.

People diagnosed with these disorders can be manipulative, not care about social relationships and also act with impulsive behavior.  They may engage in exaggerated actions or behaviors just to gain attention from others. But the differences are more based on their relationships, tendencies of suicide, and the prevalence of genders. For example, BPD tends to affect women more frequently to men and APD is the other way around.

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Another difference is that people suffering from BPD might have suicidal or self-mutilating actions or ideas present while on APD they do not. In APD the individuals suffering from it tend to be shallow and have a lack of empathy. They can look down on others and even condemn them for their own problems. APD can be very related to criminal behavior; they tend to engage in actions that may violate the rights of others or break social norms just to get some type of gratification for themselves. Also, people with BPD have a fear of abandonment and may do anything they can to avoid that, so their relationships are usually unstable. In the other hand, those with Antisocial personality disorder have some desires of hurting others; they might even go the extra mile to be able to deceive to be able to gain something or simply for pleasure, without any type of concern for others wellbeing. Practice implications of these two disorders for forensic mental health professionals.           As implications for forensic mental health professionals it should be noted that In both disorders they have low frustration tolerance and have a lack of impulse control.

At least for these disorders, there are treatments for those affected by them and can result in improvements and a better life for the individuals suffering from it. Why do you think that substance use so often occurs along with these two disorders?            I believe that the primary reason individuals engage in substance use is to be able to cope with their problems or just escape reality, they might think or feel it helps but in fact, it doesn’t. If they keep using the substance for a longer time, their sensitivity to it decrease, and their bodies will simply want more or just escalate to something else. These causes relapses or just going from a minor substance to a major more dangerous one.



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