There my friends at school, my skirt

There is one story that influenced me when I was young. My mother is a person who love to knitting and sewing.

She knitting a lots of thing to decorate in house and for the cover of pillow too. When she saw everyone’s cloth in house got a hold, she will tell to get it sewed. One day, when I climbed on the tree with my friends at school, my skirt was stuck with thebranches and it gets torn. When I arrived home, my mum told me to get my skirt sew but I told her to wait day to day. Since I’m very lazy, I always find an excuse to not bring the skirt to sew.

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After a few days, the torn on my skirt become bigger and bigger. Seeing thing become worst like that, I decide to bring my skirt to my mother to sew it. While my mum sewing, she used this simple saying to teach me the value of working on problems when they are still small but I did not realize it. She said that if you have a small hole in a skirt, you can repair it with one stitch.

But if you wait, the hole will get larger, and it will take you nine stitches. The first moment I heard this from my mum, I did not really understand about it. Therefore, I think about it day to day even I’m sleeping. One day I realized about what my mum was saying after I got scold by my teacher. I didn’t usually do the homework until it becomes like a mountain. Then my teacher gives me only one day to finish those all, but I cannot do it since the homework is too much. After this story happened, I started to think about my mother’s word again and I catch the meaning of it.

From that day until nowadays, I always bring those word to practice on my life and I knew how important my mum’s advice is. Working on problems when it still small, don’t wait until it become larger.


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