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There is no doubt that the youth is our future. Everyone has a voice and it is his or her duty to use it however he or she pleases. This is especially hard for children, where in most cases they do not want to be heard or it is not as easy for them to be.

Yet, young sixteen-year-old Malala shows the world what raising your voice and having strength and determination even in times of difficulty can take you, in the Novel, I am Malala. I am Malala reveals the reality of most kids in the world including herself. It explains every hardship she’s faced from growing up as a girl especially in the conditions she was in, to experiencing the Taliban head to head. Malala does everything she can to continue to gain knowledge and spread her beliefs about education itself even when it puts her life in danger. Though Malala did not have much to begin with, she still considered herself lucky and through constant courage and devotion, she restored hope in the world and in the hearts of millions of young kids, especially girls. The value of education and chasing your dreams without giving up is a significant lesson well learned in I am Malala.

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From the very beginning of her childhood, Malala had a passion for school and learning. Although most women in Pakistan were illiterate and going to school was not a privilege they possessed, Malala never lets that get in her way and continued to gain an education, one way or another. Malala unveils her firmness as she says, “They cannot stop me. I will get my education if it’s at home, school or somewhere else.” (Yousafzai 161) Most students in the United States and other more developed countries do not have the same mindset, for they do not see the value of public education. Instead, these students have the privilege to complain about their schools while other children do not even have one to complain about. Malala endures many instances where her education is almost taken away from her, and “When someone takes away your pens you realize quite how important education is.

” (Yousafzai 160) Public education is a basic right of every child in the U.S. so it is probable that students do not see its importance since its always been around. Malala acknowledges how fortunate she is despite the fact that she does not have much either. She manages to stay humble with the recognition she acquires where she points out “I knew that any of the girls in my class could have achieved what I had achieved if they had their parents’ support.

” (Yousafzai 216) Considering women attending school was not essential in her culture, having her parents encourage meant the world to her. She believes that her parents contributed to her greatness and that any other girl can do it too with the right amount of support.Malala has experienced the unimaginable, which made her the strong young woman she is today. From fear, shame, torture, murders, floods, bombings, she’s seen it all. When the Taliban attempted to end education for girls, Malala’s desires of going to school did not diminish.

She thought “The Taliban could take our pens and books, but they couldn’t stop our minds from thinking.” (Yousafzai 146) Malala knew in her heart that the Taliban could continue to destroy schools but she would always have a love for school and would carry on learning. Malala spoke out about what she believed in; girls education. She spoke in front of tremendous amounts of people trying to get her message across, knowing that this would put her in danger. “When it suits the Taliban, women can be vocal and visible.

” (Yousafzai 127) The Taliban had many goals and one of them was silencing women and basically concealing from the public. Of course, passionate Malala stayed strong and was not disheartened so easily. Education was consistently on her mind. Despite her being in the hospital and newly getting shot by the Taliban in the head, Malala asks of one thing only.

“I had one request. ‘Bring my school bag,’ ” (Yousafzai 285) Her perseverance and dedication inspires and teaches everyone how not giving up can be worth it.Malala is a role model for girls everywhere. She stays true to herself and lets people know her true intentions. “In my heart I had only the desire to help people.” (Yousafzai 301) She has done everything she can just to do so and continues to help children to this day. Malala had an ambition, for which she says “This education is the cause to which I want to devote my life.

” (Yousafzai 309) She has a dream and will do quite literally anything for it to come true. After all she’s been through Malala still wishes for “Education for every boy and girl in the world” (Yousafzai 313) The girl who had been shot in the head stands tall and still fights for what she believes in. Malala raised her voice and in a way, she was heard from all over the globe. She was not afraid to express herself and shows people that they should not be either.

To conclude, devoting yourself to your goals and dreams and being grateful are the life lessons learned in I am Malala. Passion and love is greater than hate and Malala uses this to communicate her message. Malala rises above her cultural and religious differences to fight for a cause that concerns every human. She doesn’t let her experiences define her as she continues on with her new life. Readers get to see how one little girl can have such a big effect and it makes the people who are reading realize what people accomplish if they unite.


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