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There is a new infecting regressive mindset, which holds with it a claim of honorable intent, and a crusading nature in the threat of villains long passed. It is commonly referred to as “social justice” and those who subscribe to such a set of thoughts, are titled “social justice warriors” or abbreviated thusly; “SJWs”. A regressive breed, who claim, either through purposeful ignorance or a true will to invoke unneeded and damaging change, to be progressive and for social equality. But in their crusade they manage to actually regress the current status quo and repress freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a right held dear by so many, and deserving of all, words have the ability to change the world, one would hope for the better.

Though someone doesn’t agree with you, it’s a harsh reality that the opposition has as much as a right as you to express their views, no matter how cruel and unusual they may be, it is the right of all men and women to do so. This is expressed in the U.S constitution, the document which is the foundation of our government. Though this clear birth right of everyone is apparent and widely excepted; there are many in the “SJW” community that, it seems, try their best to suppress freedom of speech, censoring views that they deem “hateful” and “bigoted”. This is achieved through repressive actions, and several times bulling, with the guides of social progression.

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One of these ways is a method called “Doxxing”; as defined by google; search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent. One particular target is racists and people that peddle hate speech on platforms such as twitter and Facebook. This a clear fear tactic to keep people from expressing any possibly risky views they may hold; actively censoring them and suppressing freedom of speech, tantamount to an authoritarian government, threating violence to any who oppose.

Equality has been a hot button issue in the U.S since its founding, but they’ve gotten much better from the days of segregation and oppressive laws, regarding gender, sexuality, race, etc. It’s clear that things are progressing, but one cannot disregard biology and certain advantages and disadvantages carried with it. An important job such as a firefighter or a police officer has certain requirements that must be met; both mental and physical.

It’d be ignorant to claim that a grown man and a grown woman is equal physically; and many recognize this, and the requirements for these jobs are tilted to meet the physical inabilities of women; but the little adjustments here and there for these standards are not enough for “SJWs” they claim that because the physical trails are changeling for women, they are sexist. They pressure the police and fire departments ruthlessly to the point where they lower the requirement to an absurd degree, letting inept people become our protectors in a crusade for gender equality, not only does this give women an unfair step up on men, on the basis of gender; it endangers lives as well. Defeating the propose of equality, regressing the current status quo against men and unfairly for women. With all the actions that the “SJW” community holds, it wouldn’t be a stretch, by any means, to say that they are regressive and damaging current society, either because of the unfair advantages given to women, just because of their se, or the active censoring by life damaging means, it is safe to say, that “SJWs” are misguided in their fight for progression, ending up with only regression.


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